Select Committee on European Communities Written Evidence

Memorandum by the Kazakhstan Government (provided by the Attaché to the Ambassador of The Republic of Kazakhstan)

  The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in London, on behalf of the home Ministry of Foreign Affairs is co-ordinating at present the British, European and International assistance, both humanitarian and financial, for the human and ecological rehabilitation and economic development of the Semipalatinsk and Aral Sea regions of Kazakhstan.

  The former Semipalatinsk nuclear testing ground and Aral Sea ecological disaster, inherited by Kazakhstan from the Soviet times, have become a matter of serious concern for the people and the Government of Kazakhstan with regard to the consequences for the lives and health of the people as well as the environment of the region.

  Taking into consideration the disastrous effect of these catastrophes not only on the Republic but the whole region, Kazakhstan urges the international community to provide necessary assistance in the formulation and implementation of special programmes and projects of treatment and care for the affected population.

  Bearing in mind the need for know-how in minimising radiological, health, social, economic and environmental problems Kazakhstan invites all states, relevant multilateral financial organisations and other entities of the international community, including non-governmental organisations, to share their knowledge and experience in order to contribute to human and ecological rehabilitation and economic development of Semipalatinsk and Aral Sea regions.

  In the light of the above, the Embassy believe that TACIS programmes and the relevant aid and environmental organisations should increase the effectiveness of their participation in the various projects implemented in Kazakhstan.

Adlet Kumarov

Attache/PA to the Ambassador

26 May 1998

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