Select Committee on European Communities Minutes of Evidence

Letter from Sheffield City Council

  In response to your letter dated 6 April 1998 to Local Authorities that have participated in a TACIS City Twinning Project I can inform you that as regards promoting investment I do not think TACIS has been very successful as there needs to be a greater involvement for business.

  In respect of our own Project with the Municipality of Izhevsk there has been some readjustment of the budget within Izhevsk to take account of their Environment and Health Improvement Programme which has been approved as a direct result of the TACIS City Twinning Project.

  To promote investment of the type which is needed I feel there needs to be a greater input of investment, either by industry and commerce themselves, or by the City/Region/National Governments. As for promoting know-how I think there has been some success in our Project, particularly in the field of the control of transport related pollution. The problem is, as we have seen quite clearly, investment is often a pre-requisite to putting know-how into practice.

  I trust this information is of use to you but if you require further information which looks quite clearly at environmental issues then please let me know.

Gary McGrogan

Head of Environment and Regulatory Services

1 May 1998

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