Select Committee on European Communities Minutes of Evidence

Examination of witnesses (Questions 140 - 152)



  140.  Does this process include the European Environment Agency as well?

  A.  I have two projects where I co-operate closely with the EEA.

  141.  But they will be involved in policy setting, priority setting, the drafting of the new proposal?

  A.  I could not really say. Maybe because EEA is, as I see it, a kind of agency under DGXI so it would probably be the responsibility of DGXI to consult in that case.

Earl of Lindsay:  I think the EEA would disagree; they are not under DGXI.


  142.  They are an autonomous body. What are the two projects that you are involved with?

  A.  With the EEA?

  143.  Yes.

  A.  We have a project where we have assisted the EEA in the drafting of what we call the Dobris +3 report.

  144.  Which we are looking forward to.

  A.  And we are actually assisting a few of the NIS countries in going through data concerning their country if it has been correct and also new data collection and so forth in order to compile the statistics.

  145.  How many NIS countries are going to be in the new Dobris report because it was voluntary.

  A.  I think it is seven of the NIS countries. It would be the Caucasus and the Western NIS.

  146.  The European bits of it.

  A.  Then we also have another project in trying to establish more long-term co-operation between the EEA and the NIS in harmonising some of the data collection on the environment and also on statistics and so forth.

  147.  It is very important that we have comparable databases.

  A.  Yes.

  148.  Good. We have given you a hard time. We are very grateful to you. I do not know whether we will see you in Brussels next month?

  A.  It is possible, yes.

  149.  How many task managers are there?

  A.  In TACIS in total for all different areas?

  150.  Yes, roughly. They only had four in the PHARE programme.

  A.  Four for environment?

  151.  When we looked at the PHARE programme.

  A.  For environment I am the only person working full time at the moment and then there are a few more task managers working partly on environment so there is one in the Russian division, one in the Ukrainian division, etcetera.

  152.  So they are on a country basis rather than on a sort of thematic basis?

  A.  Yes.
  Chairman:  Okay, thank you, very much indeed.

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