Select Committee on European Communities Minutes of Evidence



Inter-State Programmemecu

1992 Inter-State Programme
Black Sea Environment1.0
1993 Inter-State Programme
Regional Environmental Facility4.25
Support to Chernobyl-affected regions6.0
Aral Sea Programme1.75
1995 Inter-State Programme
Development of NIS environmental policies 4.0
Raising public awareness and environmental media 3.0
Regional Seas Programme (Black, Caspian, Danube and Aral) 5.0
1996 Inter-State Programme
Environmental Action Programmes in the NIS 6.5
Black Sea Environment Programme (BSEP) 2.0
Aral Sea Programme2.5
Clean-up and Secondary Medical Effects of Chernobyl Disaster 1.5

1997 Inter-State Programme
Regional Seas Programme7.0
Raising Public Environmental Awareness 2.5
Information System for Agro-environmental monitoring 2.5

Inter-State, sub-total49.5
Cross-Border Co-operation Programme
1996 Cross-Border Co-operation Programme
Monitoring and management of the Danube Basin (Ukr./Mold.) 1.0
Hazardous waste management in St Petersburg 1.5
Water supply and waste water treatment in Karelia 1.5
Development of Sortovala sewage treatment (Russia) 2.0
1997 Cross-Border Co-operation Programme
Karelia National Park Development and Management 3.5
Tuloma River fisheries project1.0
Carpathian Transfrontier Environmental Network 1.5
Bug Transboundary water quality assessment 2.0
Nature Conservation in the Niemen Euroregion 1.0
River Prut water management2.5

Cross-Border, sub-total17.5
1997 Action Programme for Russia
Institutional support to the State Committee for Ecology 2.0
Oil industry environment code of practise (Rosneft and Sidanco) 3.5
1998 Action Programme for Russia
Waste management system, MINPRIRODA3.0
Industrial and environmental safety3.0
Chemical weapons environmental conversion 4.0
Moscow City heat and waste services3.0

Russia, sub-total18.5
1998 Action Programme for Ukraine
Industrial waste treatment and management 1.5
National information network for energy conservation 1.9
Waste water TA support Mariupol1.5

Ukraine, sub-total4.9
Environment 1992-97—Total 90.4

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