Select Committee on House of Lords Offices Fifth Report

1.  Millennium exhibition

The Committee considered proposals for an exhibition on parliamentary democracy to be held in Westminster Hall in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. The exhibition will be organised jointly with the House of Commons. The Committee agreed expenditure provision to be made in respect of the House of Lords contribution.

2.  Filming and broadcasting in the House

The Committee took note of an agreement reached with BBC News and Current Affairs to allow filming until the end of November of a documentary about the House. In addition, Wall to Wall Television Ltd will be allowed access to the House to research a prospective documentary of the House.

3.  History of Parliament Trust

The Committee were informed that the History of Parliament Trust has decided that, from 1999-2000, the House of Lords should form part of the programme of work of the Trust. The Committee agreed that the House of Lords should in future contribute to the funding of the Trust.

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