Select Committee on Public Service Report


Membership of the Committee

The members of the Select Comittiee which conducted this enquiry were:-

    L. Brabazon of Tara

    L. Croham

    L. Cuckney

    L. Gillmore of Thamesfield

    L. Harris of Greenwich (until 21.11.96)

    L. Hayhoe (from 4.6.97)

    L. Lane of Horsell

    L. McNally (from 21.11.96)

    L. Merlyn-Rees

    B. O'Cathain (until 21.3.97)

    L. Rodgers of Quarry Bank (until 21.11.96)

    E. Russell (from 21.11.96)

    B. Serota

    L. Slynn of Hadley (Chairman)

    B. Turner of Camden

  Ms Janet Lewis-Jones and Professor Richard Chapman were the Committee's Specialist Advisers.

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