Select Committee on Public Service Report


Examples of Public Bodies in Existence in 1967

The University Grants Committee, appointed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1919 to advise on the application of grants to universities and to assist in the preparation and execution of plans for universities.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, founded by Royal Charter in 1917, for maintaining some one million graves in nearly 24000 cemeteries throughout the world, and funded by the seven governments participating in its work.

The Council on Tribunals, constituted in 1958 under the provisions of the Tribunals and Inquiries Act to advise on administrative tribunals and statutory enquiries.

The Water Resources Board, established by the Water Resources Act, 1963 to collect information and sponsor research on water resources and demands and how they may be met,,and to advise the Minister of Housing and Local Government and the 29 river authorities.

The Royal Commission on Local Government, England, set up in 1966 to consider the structure of local government in England, outside Greater London, in relation to its existing functions, and to make recommendations.

The Housing Corporation, set up in 1964 to promote the growth of housing societies and, through them, to stimulate the building of new houses and flats for letting at cost-rents or for co-ownership.

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