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Die Martis 16° Junii 1998

The House met at half-past two o’clock.

PRAYERS were read by the Lord Bishop of Southwell.

1. Oath—Francis John Nathaniel Viscount Scarsdale took and subscribed the oath pursuant to statute.

2. Leave of Absence—Leave of absence was granted to the Lord Chancellor for Friday 19th June.

Judicial Business

3. Thai Trading (a firm) (Petitioners) v. Taylor and another (Respondents) (lodged 21st May)— The petition of Thai Trading praying for leave to appeal notwithstanding that the time limited by Standing Order II has expired was presented and referred to an Appeal Committee.

4. Credit Lyonnais Nederland NV (now known as Generale Bank Nederland NV) (Appellants) v. Export Credits Guarantee Department (Respondents)— The petition of the appellants praying that the time for lodging the statement and appendix and setting down the cause for hearing might be extended to 28th June next (the agents for the respondents consenting thereto) was presented; and it was ordered as prayed.


5. Command Paper—The following paper was presented to the House by command of Her Majesty and ordered to lie on the Table:

    Museums and Galleries—Departmental Minute concerning the gifting of historic aircraft to the Royal Air Force Museum.      (—)

6. Affirmative Instrument—The following instrument was laid before the House for approval by resolution and ordered to lie on the Table:

    Draft Appropriation (No. 2) (Northern Ireland) Order 1998.

7. Papers not subject to parliamentary proceedings—The following papers were laid before the House and ordered to lie on the Table:

    1. Report for 1997 of the Insolvency Service, laid under the Insolvency Act 1986;

    2. Statements of Guarantee given by the Secretary of State for Scotland on loans proposed to be raised by:

    (i) Glasgow Dental Hospital & School NHS Trust—

    (ii) Fife Healthcare NHS Trust—

    (iii) Raigmore Hospital NHS Trust—

    laid under the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978;

    3. Reports for 1996-97 of the Law Society and of the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee, laid under the Legal Aid, Advice and Assistance (Northern Ireland) Order 1981;

    4. Report for 1997 of the Equal Opportunities Commission, laid under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975.

Select Committee Report

8. Statutory Instruments—The 37th Report from the Joint Committee was made on certain statutory instruments, including the following affirmative instruments:

      Draft Child Benefit and Social Security (Fixing and Adjustment of Rates) (Amendment) Regulations 1998;

      Draft Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 Statutory Sum Order 1998;

    it was ordered that the Report be printed. (HL Paper 119)

Public Business

9. School Standards and Framework Bill—The House again resolved itself into a Committee upon the bill; amendments were agreed to; amendments were disagreed to (see division lists 1 and 3); an amendment was agreed to (see division list 2); an amendment was moved and (by leave of the Committee) withdrawn; the House was resumed and the bill was reported with amendments; it was ordered that the bill be printed as amended. (HL Bill 126)

10. Nurses in the NHS—The Lord Morris of Castle Morris asked Her Majesty’s Government what action they propose to take to deal with the problems arising from the recruitment, retention and retirement of nurses in the National Health Service; after debate, the question was answered by the Baroness Jay of Paddington.

The House was adjourned at two minutes past nine o’clock

till tomorrow, half-past two o’clock.


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© Parliamentary copyright 1998
Prepared: 17 june 1998