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Amendments to the Water Industry Bill

Water Industry Bill -
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords

Here you can browse the Marshalled List of Amendments to the Water Industry Bill to be moved on Third Reading in the House of Lords.

 [Amendments marked * are new or have been altered] 
Clause 6
1*     Page 5, line 12, at end insert--
    ("(7A)  In any case where--
    (a)  the premises had been let for residential purposes for a term of six months or more but not for a term exceeding 5 years, whether commencing before or after the commencement of this Act,
    (b)  the lessee for the time being had given a measured charges notice to the undertaker without the express written consent of the lessor for the time being,
    (c)  the premises have reverted to the original lessor, whether on the expiry of the term, or upon forfeiture or abandonment or disclaimer or surrender of the lease or by any other means, and
    (d)  the lessor to whom the premises have reverted intends to occupy them as his principal place of residence,
the consumer, (here meaning the lessor for the time being) may within 12 months of the premises reverting to him give a notice to the water undertaker revoking the measured charges notice.")
2*     Page 5, line 14, after ("(5)") insert ("or (7A)") 
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Prepared 24 June 1999