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Amendments to the Rating (Valuation) Bill

Rating (Valuation) Bill -
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords

Here you can browse the Marshalled List of Amendments to the Rating (Valuation) Bill to be moved in Grand Committee in the House of Lords.

 [Amendments marked * are new or have been altered] 
Clause 1
1     Page 1, line 8, after ("etc)") insert--
    ("(a)  after the words "year to year" there shall be inserted the words ", taking into account the physical state or physical enjoyment of the hereditament and its locality and the mode and category of occupation and use of the hereditament," and
2     Page 1, line 9, leave out from ("substituted") to end of line 20 and insert ("if the landlord undertook to execute prior to the start of the tenancy such repairs, if any, as the tenant might reasonably expect to be carried out to put the hereditament in a state to command that rent and the tenant undertook thereafter to bear the costs of repairs and to pay all usual rates and taxes."") 
3     Page 1, line 9, leave out ("three") and insert ("two") 
4     Page 1, line 12, leave out from ("that") to second ("the") in line 16 
5     Page 1, line 15, at end insert-- 
    ("provided that there shall be exempted from any deemed reinstatement occurring in the course of the exercise of this assumption, any want of actual repair to a hereditament arising from--
          (i)  any peril customarily insured against, Acts of God, civil commotion, war or terrorism, or
          (ii)  the rebuilding or substantial refurbishment of the hereditament;")
6     Page 1, line 19, at end insert--
    ("(  )  In paragraph 2(6A), at the end there shall be inserted (""but such regulations shall not limit the material day to a day prescribed by sub-paragraph (4) or (5) above or specified under sub-paragraph (3)(b) above."")
7     Page 1, line 25, at end insert--
        ("(8B)  In applying the provisions of sub-paragraphs (1) and (8A) above--
      (a)  account shall be taken of the age, locality and obsolescence of a hereditament and its mode and category of occupation and use;
      (b)  it shall be assumed that the actual owner or landlord of a hereditament is the hypothetical landlord unless positive evidence can be produced to the contrary; and
      (c)  in considering whether repairs to the hereditament would be uneconomic, account shall be taken of the probable future use of the hereditament and of probable changes to the hereditament or its locality."")
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Prepared 4 May 1999