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Road Traffic (NHS Charges) Bill

This is the text of the Road Traffic (NHS Charges) Bill, as amended on Report in the House of Lords and printed on 2nd March 1999.

Road Traffic (NHS Charges) Bill

Payment for hospital treatment
1.Payment for hospital treatment of traffic casualties.

Certificates of NHS charges
2.Applications for certificates of NHS charges.
3.Information contained in certificates.

Recovery of NHS charges
4.Payment of NHS charges.
5.Recovery of NHS charges.

Reviews and appeals
6.Review of certificates.
7.Appeals against a certificate.
8.Appeal tribunals.
9.Appeal to the court on point of law.
10.Reviews and appeals supplementary.

11.Provision of information.
12.Use of information held by the Secretary of State.

Payments to hospitals
13.Payment of NHS charges to hospitals.

Miscellaneous and general
14.Regulations governing payments into court, etc.
15.Application of Act to military hospitals.
16.Regulations and orders.
18.Consequential amendments.
20.Transitional provision.
21.Short title, etc.

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Prepared 3 March 1999