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Disability Rights Commission Bill [H.L.]

This is the text of the Disability Rights Commission Bill [H.L.], as amended on Report in the House of Lords and printed on 11th March 1999.

Disability Rights Commission Bill [H.L.]
1.The Disability Rights Commission.
2.General functions.
3.Formal investigations.
4.Non-discrimination notices.
5.Agreements in lieu of enforcement action.
6.Assistance in relation to proceedings.
7.Recovery of expenses of providing assistance.
8.Codes of practice.
9.Conciliation of disputes under Part III of the 1995 Act.
10.Procedure for amending s.7(1) of the 1995 Act.
13.Consequential amendments and repeals.
14.Crown application.
15.Short title, commencement and extent.

    Schedule 1-Constitution etc.
    Schedule 2-Additional commissioners.
    Schedule 3-Formal investigations and non-discrimination notices.
    Part I-Conduct of formal investigations.
    Part II-Non-discrimination notices.
    Part III-Supplementary.
    Schedule 4-Minor and consequential amendments.
    Schedule 5-Repeals.

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Prepared 12 March 1999