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Commission to review government administration.     15. - (1) The Prime Minister shall, after consulting the Leader of the Opposition, appoint a Commission to review the manner in which government departments and agencies perform their functions, with particular reference to effectiveness, efficiency and the application of new technologies to the provision of services.
      (2) In subsection (1) "government departments and agencies" includes persons acting on or under their authority.
      (3) The Commission shall consist of such number of persons as the Prime Minister may consider appropriate and a Chairman appointed by him.
      (4) The Commission may report to the Prime Minister on any matter which appears to it to be relevant to its purpose and the Prime Minister shall lay any such report before Parliament and arrange for its publication.
      (5) In this section "Leader of the Opposition" has the meaning given in the Ministerial and other Salaries Act 1975.
Departmental reviews of administration.     16. - (1) The Prime Minister may, on receiving any report of the Commission under section 15, instruct one or more government departments (either jointly or separately) to review the manner in which they or any agency or person for which they are responsible perform their functions and to prepare a plan ("a departmental reorganisation plan") setting out how those functions should be performed.
      (2) A departmental reorganisation plan-
    (a) shall have regard to any conclusions and recommendations of the Commission, and
    (b) shall be laid before Parliament,
  and the Prime Minister shall arrange for its publication.
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Prepared 18 March 1999