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The general transport duty
General transport duty.     123. - (1) The Mayor shall develop and implement policies for the promotion and encouragement of safe, integrated, efficient and economic transport facilities and services to, from and within Greater London.
      (2) The powers of the Authority under this Part shall be exercised for the purpose of securing the provision of the transport facilities and services mentioned in subsection (1) above.
      (3) The transport facilities and services mentioned in subsection (1) above include facilities and services for pedestrians and are-
    (a) those required to meet the needs of persons living or working in, or visiting, Greater London, and
    (b) those required for the transportation of freight.
The transport strategy
The Mayor's transport strategy.     124. - (1) The Mayor shall prepare and publish a document to be known as the "transport strategy" containing-
    (a) his policies under section 123(1) above, and
    (b) his proposals for discharging the duty under section 123(2) above.
      (2) In addition to containing the proposals and policies required by subsection (1) above, the transport strategy-
    (a) shall contain the Mayor's proposals for the provision of transport which is accessible to persons with mobility problems, and
    (b) may contain any other proposals which he considers appropriate.
      (3) Where the Mayor revises the transport strategy he shall publish it as revised.
      (4) In this Act, references to the transport strategy include, except where the context otherwise requires, a reference to the transport strategy as revised.
Directions by the Secretary of State.     125. - (1) Where the Secretary of State considers that-
    (a) the transport strategy (or any part of it) is inconsistent with national policies relating to transport, and
    (b) the inconsistency is detrimental to any area outside Greater London,
  he may direct the Mayor to make such revisions of the transport strategy in order to remove the inconsistency as may be specified in the direction.
      (2) Where the Secretary of State gives the Mayor a direction under subsection (1) above, the Mayor shall revise the transport strategy in accordance with the direction.
Duties of London borough councils etc.     126. - (1) In exercising any function-
    (a) a London borough council,
    (b) the Common Council, and
    (c) any body or person exercising statutory functions in relation to Greater London or any part of Greater London,
  is to have regard to the transport strategy.
      (2) The Mayor may issue guidance in writing about the implementation of the transport strategy to any council, body or person falling within subsection (1) above.
      (3) A council, body or person to whom guidance has been issued under subsection (2) above is to have regard to the guidance in exercising any function.
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Prepared 10 May 1999