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Functional bodies to have regard to the strategy.     277. In exercising any function, each of the functional bodies shall have regard to the spatial development strategy.
Mayor's functions in relation to planning around Greater London.     278. - (1) The Mayor shall inform-
    (a) the local planning authorities for areas in the vicinity of Greater London, or
    (b) any body on which those authorities are represented,
  of his views concerning any matters of common interest, whether general or specific, relating to the planning or development of Greater London or those areas.
      (2) The Mayor may also inform those authorities, or any such body, of his views concerning any other matters, whether general or specific, relating to the planning or development of those areas.
      (3) The Mayor shall from time to time consult the London borough councils about the exercise of his functions under this section.
      (4) The Mayor may make contributions towards defraying the expenses of any body on which the Authority is represented for the purpose of facilitating the discharge of the Mayor's functions under this section.
Abolition of joint planning committee for Greater London.     279. The joint planning committee for Greater London established under section 5 of the Local Government Act 1985 and continued by section 3 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 is abolished by this section.
Interpretation of this Part.     280. - (1) In this Part, except where the context otherwise requires,-
    "prescribe" means prescribe by regulations;
    "regulations" means regulations made by the Secretary of State;
    "representations made in accordance with the regulations" shall be construed in accordance with section 265(6) above.
      (2) For the purposes of this Part-
    (a) the City of London shall be treated as if it were a London borough;
    (b) the Common Council shall be treated as if it were the council for a London borough; and
    (c) the Inner Temple and the Middle Temple shall be treated as forming part of the City.
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Prepared 10 May 1999