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General adaptations and saving
     20. - (1) Subject to the preceding provisions of this Schedule, references in the 1986 Act (except in sections 8 to 10 and 24 to 26), or in any other enactment passed before this Act, to an administration order under Part II of that Act, to an application for such an order and to an administrator shall include references, respectively, to a PPP administration order, to an application for a PPP administration order and to a special PPP administrator.
      (2) Subject as aforesaid and to sub-paragraph (3) below, references in the 1986 Act, or in any other enactment passed before this Act, to an enactment contained in Part II of that Act shall include references to that enactment as applied by section 177, 178, 179 or 180 of this Act or Part I or II of this Schedule.
      (3) Sub-paragraphs (1) and (2) above shall apply in relation to a reference in an enactment contained in Part II of the 1986 Act only so far as necessary for the purposes of the operation of the provisions of that Part as so applied.
      (4) The provisions of this Schedule shall be without prejudice to the power conferred by section 411 of the 1986 Act (company insolvency rules), as modified by sub-paragraphs (1) and (2) above.
     21. - (1) In this Schedule "the 1986 Act" means the Insolvency Act 1986.
      (2) In this Schedule, and in any modification of the 1986 Act made by this Schedule, "special PPP administrator", in relation to a PPP administration order, means any person appointed in relation to that order for the purposes of section 176(1) of this Act; and in any such modification "PPP administration order" has the same meaning as in Chapter VI of Part IV of this Act.
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Prepared 10 May 1999