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Amendments to the Welfare Reform and Pensions Bill

Welfare Reform and Pensions Bill -
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords

Here you can browse the Supplement (a) to the Third Marshalled List of Amendments to the Welfare Reform and Pensions Bill to be moved in Committee in the House of Lords.

After Clause 61
[In substitution for amendment No. 125]
125A*     Insert the following new Clause-- 
     ("  .--In section 135 of the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act, there shall be inserted after subsection (1)--
        (1A)  The applicable amounts for income support for severely disabled persons shall be made by the Secretary of State following consultation with one or more organisations whom he regards as representative of severely disabled persons.
        (1B)  The sums first certified by the Secretary of State under subsection (1A) above shall be, in the case of a severely disabled person who is aged not less than 16 but less than 60, set at a level at no less than the higher level for those aged over 25 together with the maximum disability premiums available.
        (1C)  After sums have first been certified under subsection (1A) above, the sums certified in each subsequent year shall be not less than the total of the sums certified in the previous year together with the amount (if any) by which it appears to the Secretary of State that the general level of prices has increased in the course of the previous year.
        (1D)  In subsections (1A) and (1B) above, "severely disabled persons" means persons who are in receipt of the care component of disability living allowance at the highest rate within subsection (4)(a) of section 72 above or in receipt of severe disablement allowance."")
Income support for severely disabled persons.
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