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Voting rights of life peers: extension of duration of Parliament.     5. In respect of any proceedings in the House of Lords on a Bill providing for the maximum duration of Parliament to be extended beyond five years, no peer appointed to the House of Lords under the Life Peerages Act 1958 during the course of that Parliament shall be entitled to vote on such proceedings.
Amendments and repeals.     6. - (1) The enactments mentioned in Schedule 1 are amended as specified there.
      (2) The enactments mentioned in Schedule 2 are repealed to the extent specified there.
Commencement and transitional provision.     7. - (1) Sections 1 to 6 (including Schedules 1 and 2) shall come into force at the end of the Session of Parliament in which this Act is passed.
      (2) Accordingly, any writ of summons issued for the present Parliament in right of a hereditary peerage shall not have effect after that Session unless it has been issued to a person who, at the end of the Session, is excepted from section 1 by virtue of section 2.
      (3) The Secretary of State may by order make such transitional provision about the entitlement of holders of hereditary peerages to vote at elections to the House of Commons or the European Parliament as he considers appropriate.
      (4) An order under this section-
    (a) may modify the effect of any enactment or any provision made under an enactment, and
    (b) shall be made by statutory instrument which shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.
Interpretation and short title.     8. - (1) In this Act "hereditary peerage" includes the principality of Wales and the earldom of Chester.
      (2) This Act may be cited as the House of Lords Act 1999.
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Prepared 2 July 1999