Welfare Reform and Pensions Bill - continued        House of Lords
SCHEDULE 13, REPEALS - continued

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ChapterShort titleExtent of repeal
1973 c. 18.
Matrimonial Causes Act 1973.
Section 25B(2).
In section 25D(2), paragraphs (c) and (d) and the words after paragraph (e).
1984 c. 42.
Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984.
In section 21, the word "made", in both places.
1985 c. 37.
Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985.
Section 10(10) and (11).
1996 c. 27.
Family Law Act 1996.
Section 9(8).
Sections 16 and 17.
Part III     Pension s aring
ChapterShort titleExtent of repeal
1971 c. 56.
Pensions (Increase) Act 1971.
In section 8(1)(a), the words from "(either" to "person)".
1993 c. 48.
Pension Schemes Act 1993.
In section 178(a), the words "or of".
1995 c. 26.
Pensions Act 1995.
In section 3(2)(a), the word "or" at the end of sub-paragraph (i).
In section 38(2), the words from "but" to the end.
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Prepared 22 July 1999