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Food Standards Bill

This is the text of the Food Standards Bill, as passed by the House of Commons and introduced in the House of Lords on 23th July 1999.


Explanatory Notes to the Bill, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Department of Health, Scottish Office, Welsh Office and Northern Ireland Office are published separately as HL Bill 88- EN.


The Lord Donoughue has made the following statement under section 19(1)(a) of the Human Rights Act 1998:

In my view the provisions of the Food Standards Bill are compatible with the Convention rights.

Food Standards Bill

The Food Standards Agency
1.The Food Standards Agency.
2.Appointment of members etc.
3.Appointment of chief executive and directors.
4.Annual and other reports.
5.Advisory committees.

General functions in relation to food
6.Development of food policy and provision of advice, etc. to public authorities.
7.Provision of advice, information and assistance to other persons.
8.Acquisition and review of information.

General functions in relation to animal feedingstuffs
9.General functions in relation to animal feedingstuffs.

Observations with a view to acquiring information
10.Power to carry out observations.
11.Power of entry for persons carrying out observations.

Monitoring of enforcement action
12.Monitoring of enforcement action.
13.Power to request information relating to enforcement action.
14.Power of entry for monitoring enforcement action.
15.Meaning of "enforcement authority" and related expressions.
16.Offences relating to sections 13 and 14.

Other functions of the Agency
17.Delegation of powers to make emergency orders.
18.Functions under other Acts.
19.Publication etc. by the Agency of advice and information.
20.Power to issue guidance on control of food-borne diseases.
21.Supplementary powers.

General provisions relating to the functions of the Agency
22.Statement of general objectives and practices.
23.Consideration of objectives, risks, costs and benefits, etc.
24.Directions relating to breach of duty or to international obligations.
25.Power to modify enactments about disclosure of information.

Miscellaneous provisions
26.Statutory functions ceasing to be exercisable by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
27.Notification of tests for food-borne disease.
28.Arrangements for sharing information about food-borne zoonoses.
29.Consultation on veterinary products.
30.Animal feedingstuffs: Great Britain.
31.Animal feedingstuffs: Northern Ireland.
32.Modification of certain provisions of this Act.
33.Consequences of Agency losing certain functions.
34.Duty to take account of functions of the Food Safety Promotion Board.
35.Devolution in Scotland.

Final provisions
37.Subordinate legislation.
38.Application of Act to Crown.
39.Financial provisions.
40.Minor and consequential amendments and repeals.
41.Transfer of property, rights and liabilities to the Agency.
42.Power to make transitional provision etc.
43.Short title, commencement and extent.

    Schedule 1-Constitution etc. of the Agency.
    Schedule 2-Advisory committees.
    Schedule 3-The Agency's functions under other Acts.
    Part I-Functions under the 1990 Act.
    Part II-Other functions.
    Schedule 4-Accounts and audit.
    Schedule 5-Minor and consequential amendments.
    Schedule 6-Repeals.

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Prepared 26 July 1999