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Discharge of functions by committees or single members.     46. - (1) Subject to any express provision contained in this Act or any Act passed after this Act, the Assembly may arrange for any of the functions exercisable by it to be discharged on its behalf-
    (a) by a committee of the Assembly; or
    (b) by a single member of the Assembly.
      (2) Any arrangements made by the Assembly under this section for the discharge of functions by a committee or by a member of the Assembly shall not prevent the Assembly from exercising those functions.
      (3) Subsection (1)(b) above does not apply in relation to functions under or by virtue of section 20A of the Police Act 1996 (questions by Assembly members to representatives of the Metropolitan Police Authority).
Political composition of Assembly committees.     47. - (1) Sections 15 to 17 of, and Schedule 1 to, the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (political balance on committees etc) shall have effect in relation to the Assembly, so far as relating to the appointment of members of its committees, as if the Assembly were a relevant authority and its committees were ordinary committees within the meaning of those provisions (and accordingly bodies to which section 15 of that Act applies).
      (2) In the case of any committee of the Assembly, the first appointment of members of the committee shall be an occasion on which the duty imposed by subsection (1) of section 15 of that Act arises in relation to the committee.
Openness.     48. - (1) Part VA of the Local Government Act 1972 (access to meetings and documents of certain authorities, committees and sub-committees) shall have effect as if the Assembly were a principal council, but with the following modifications.
      (2) In the application of Part VA of that Act by subsection (1) above-
    (a) any information furnished to the Authority and available to the Assembly shall be treated as information furnished to the Assembly;
    (b) any offices of, or belonging to, the Authority shall be treated as also being offices of or belonging to the Assembly; and
    (c) the proper officer of the Authority shall be taken to be the proper officer in relation to the Assembly.
      (3) For the purposes of section 100F of that Act (additional rights of access to documents for members of principal councils) any document which is in the possession or under the control of the Authority and which is available to the Assembly shall be treated as a document which is in the possession or under the control of the Assembly.
      (4) In the case of the Assembly, the register of members required to be maintained under section 100G(1) of that Act shall, instead of stating the ward or division which a member represents, state-
    (a) whether the member is a London member or a constituency member; and
    (b) if he is a constituency member, the Assembly constituency for which he is the member.
      (5) For the purposes of section 100H(3) of that Act (acts which infringe copyright) the Authority shall be treated as a principal council.
      (6) In the application in relation to the Assembly of Schedule 12A to that Act (access to information: exempt information) any reference to "the authority" includes a reference to the Authority.
General functions of the Assembly
Review and investigation.     49. - (1) The Assembly shall keep under review the exercise by the Mayor of the statutory functions exercisable by him.
      (2) For the purposes of subsection (1) above, the powers of the Assembly include in particular power to investigate, and prepare reports about,-
    (a) any actions and decisions of the Mayor,
    (b) any actions and decisions of any member of staff of the Authority,
    (c) matters relating to the principal purposes of the Authority,
    (d) matters in relation to which statutory functions are exercisable by the Mayor, or
    (e) any other matters which the Assembly considers to be of importance to Greater London.
Proposals to the Mayor.     50. - (1) Where the Assembly resolves by a majority of Assembly members present and voting to do so, the Assembly may submit a proposal to the Mayor.
      (2) Section 46 above shall not apply in relation to the function of the Assembly under subsection (1) above.
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Prepared 30 July 1999