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Abolition of the London Regional Passengers' Committee.     217. - (1) Section 40 of the London Regional Transport Act 1984 (which established the London Regional Passengers' Committee) shall cease to have effect.
      (2) Any appointment to the London Regional Passengers' Committee in pursuance of that section shall cease to have effect.
The London Transport Users' Committee.     218. - (1) There shall be a body to be known as the London Transport Users' Committee, referred to in this Chapter as "the Committee".
      (2) The Committee shall consist of-
    (a) a Chairman, and
    (b) not more than twenty-four other members,
  appointed by the Assembly after consultation with the Rail Regulator.
      (3) In appointing members under subsection (2) above, the Assembly shall have regard to the desirability of ensuring that the members of the Committee between them represent the interests of those who use passenger transport facilities and services in Greater London.
      (4) A person may not be appointed under subsection (2) above if he is-
    (a) an Assembly member,
    (b) a member of Transport for London,
    (c) a member of staff of Transport for London, or
    (d) a member of staff of the Authority.
      (5) If, at any time after he is appointed, a member of the Committee becomes a person within subsection (4)(a) to (d) above, he shall cease to be a member of the Committee.
      (6) The Assembly may designate one or more members of the Committee to be deputy chairman or (as the case may be) deputy chairmen of the Committee.
      (7) Schedule 14 to this Act shall have effect with respect to the Committee.
Representations to the Committee.     219. - (1) The Committee shall consider and, where it appears to the Committee to be desirable, make recommendations with respect to, any matter-
    (a) affecting the functions of the Authority or Transport for London which relate to transport, and
    (b) falling within subsection (3) below.
      (2) The matters falling within subsection (1)(a) above include in particular matters affecting the services and facilities-
    (a) provided by Transport for London or any of its subsidiaries,
    (b) provided in pursuance of an agreement entered into by Transport for London, or
    (c) otherwise authorised by Transport for London to be provided.
      (3) A matter falls within this subsection-
    (a) if it has been the subject of representations (other than representations appearing to the Committee to be frivolous) made to the Committee by or on behalf of users of any of the services or facilities mentioned in subsection (2) above,
    (b) if it has been referred to the Committee by Transport for London or the Authority, or
    (c) if it otherwise appears to the Committee to be a matter to which consideration ought to be given.
      (4) Where a representation is made to the Committee in respect of a matter relating to a highway for which Transport for London is the highway authority and the traffic authority, the Committee shall in making any recommendation under subsection (1) above consider the interests of all those who use the highway for the purposes of passenger transport, including cyclists and pedestrians.
      (5) Where a representation is made to the Committee about a matter-
    (a) which relates to passenger transport by land or water in Greater London, but
    (b) which is not a matter the Committee must consider by virtue of subsection (1) above,
  the Committee shall refer the matter to the person whom the Committee considers the most appropriate to consider the matter.
      (6) Where the Committee refers a matter under subsection (5) above, the Committee shall inform the person who made the representation of the name of the body or person to whom the matter has been referred.
Recommendations and reports etc.     220. - (1) Copies of the minutes, conclusions and recommendations of the Committee with respect to any matter shall be sent-
    (a) to the Assembly,
    (b) to the Mayor, and
    (c) to Transport for London.
      (2) The Committee shall make an annual report to the Assembly and the Rail Regulator.
      (3) Where the Assembly, the Mayor or Transport for London reach a decision with respect to matters dealt with in any recommendation received under subsection (1) above, the decision shall be notified to the Committee.
Role as rail users' consultative committee.     221. - (1) In section 2(4) of the Railways Act 1993 (London Regional Passengers' Committee to be the Rail Users' Consultative Committee for Greater London), for "London Regional Passengers' Committee" there shall be substituted "London Transport Users' Committee".
      (2) Schedule 15 to this Act (which contains amendments of enactments relating to the London Regional Passengers' Committee in consequence of the substitution for that committee of the London Transport Users' Committee) shall have effect.
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Prepared 30 July 1999