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Amendments to the Greater London Authority Bill

Greater London Authority Bill -
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords

Here you can browse the Supplement (b) to the Second Marshalled List of Amendments to the Greater London Authority Bill to be moved on Report in the House of Lords.

Clause 129
     Page 71, line 12, at end insert--
    ("(4)  In exercising any functions in relation to the management of roads or traffic in a Royal Park in Greater London the Secretary of State shall have regard to the transport strategy.
     (5)  In this section "Royal Park" means any park to which the Parks Regulation Act 1872 applies (see sections 1 and 3 of the Parks Regulation (Amendment) Act 1926).")1872 c. 15.
1926 c. 36.
Clause 137
     Page 75, line 36, at end insert--
    ("(  )  Where the Mayor issues a direction to a London borough council under subsection (5) above, the council shall comply with the direction.")
Schedule 9
     Page 236, line 33, leave out ("(3)(a)") and insert ("(1)(a)") 
Schedule 13
[As an amendment to Amendment 470A]
     Line 3, at end insert (", following consultation with appropriate bodies,") 
Clause 218
     Page 121, line 36, after ("body") insert ("corporate") 
     Page 122, line 4, at end insert (", and 
    (b)  those who use rail passenger transport facilities and services in the area for which the Committee is treated as the Rail Users' Consultative Committee by virtue of section 2(4) of the Railways Act 1993")
1993 c. 43.
Schedule 14
     Page 261, line 28, at end insert--
    ("3A. The Assembly shall provide the Committee with funds with which to make payments in accordance with any determination made by the Assembly under paragraphs 1 to 3 above.")
     Page 262, line 15, at end insert-- 
     6A.--(1) The Committee shall keep accounting records which--
    (a)  set out and explain the Committee's financial transactions,
    (b)  disclose with reasonable accuracy the financial status of the Committee at any time, and
    (c)  enable the Committee to comply with the requirements of this Act in preparing any statement of accounts.
    (2)  The Committee shall prepare in respect of each financial year a statement of accounts giving a true and fair view of--
    (a)  the Committee's financial status at the end of that year, and
    (b)  the Committee's income and expenditure for that year.
    (3)  If the Assembly issues guidance to the Committee as to the preparation of a statement of accounts, the Committee shall prepare the statement of accounts in compliance with the direction.
    (4)  A statement of accounts shall be audited by a person appointed by the Assembly as auditor to do so.
    (5)  A person shall not be qualified to be appointed as auditor unless--
    (a)  he is eligible for appointment as a company auditor under Part II of the Companies Act 1989 (eligibility for appointment as company auditor), and
1989 c. 40.
    (b)  if the Committee were a company to which section 384 of the Companies Act 1985 applies (duty to appoint auditors), he would not be ineligible for appointment as company auditor of the Committee by virtue of section 27 of the Companies Act 1989 (ineligibility on ground of lack of independence).
    (6)  As soon as reasonably practicable after a statement of accounts has been audited, the auditor shall send a copy to the Assembly.
    (7)  The Committee's financial year shall be such period as may be determined by the Assembly and notified to the Committee.")
1985 c. 6.
1989 c. 40.
     Page 262, line 34, leave out from first ("the") to first ("the") in line 35 and insert ("provisions of this Schedule") 
     Page 263, line 25, at end insert-- 
 ("Investigation of complaints 
     13A.--(1) Section 25 of the Local Government Act 1974 (authorities subject to investigation by the Commission for Local Administration) shall be amended as follows.
    (2)  In subsection (1)--
    (a)  the word "and" preceding paragraph (d) shall cease to have effect; and
    (b)  at the end of paragraph (d) there shall be inserted "; and
      (e)  the London Transport Users' Committee."
    (3)  After subsection (4A) (which is inserted by section 63(3) above) there shall be inserted--
        (4B)  Any reference to an authority to which this Part of this Act applies also includes, in the case of the London Transport Users' Committee, a reference to a sub-committee of that Committee."")
1974 c. 7.
Clause 219
     Page 122, leave out line 25 and insert ("any matter relating to") 
     Page 122, line 23, at end insert (", other than a matter relating to the transportation of freight.") 
     Page 122, line 26, at beginning insert ("services or facilities") 
     Page 122, line 27, at beginning insert ("services or facilities") 
     Page 122, line 29, at beginning insert ("services or facilities") 
     Page 122, line 29, at end insert--
    ("(d)  a hackney carriage or a person licensed to be the driver of a hackney carriage, or
    (e)  a private hire vehicle or a person who holds a private hire vehicle driver's licence or a private hire vehicle operator's licence.")
     Page 122, line 34, at end insert ("or
          (ii)  hackney carriages or private hire vehicles,")
     Page 123, line 7, at end insert--
    ("(5A)  Where a representation is made to the Committee about a matter falling within subsection (2)(d) or (e) above and the matter relates to--
    (a)  any contravention of, or failure to comply with, any rule of law, or
    (b)  any breach of condition of a licence which has been granted by Transport for London,
the Committee shall refer the matter to Transport for London and shall notify the person who made the representation of the referral.")
     Page 123, line 10, at end insert--
    ("(  )  In this section--
    hackney carriage" means a vehicle licensed under section 6 of the Metropolitan Public Carriage Act 1869;
1869 c. 115.
    person licensed to be the driver of a hackney carriage" means a person licensed under section 8 of the Metropolitan Public Carriage Act 1869 or section 8 of the London Hackney Carriages Act 1843;
1869 c. 115.
1843 c. 86.
    private hire vehicle" means a vehicle for which a private hire vehicle licence for London is in force under section 7 of the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998;
    private hire vehicle driver's licence" means a licence granted under section 13 of that Act;
    private hire vehicle operator's licence" means a license granted under section 3 of that Act.")
1998 c. 34.
After Clause 219
     Insert the following new Clause-- 
     (" .--(1) The Committee may enter into arrangements with any person providing public passenger transport services or facilities in Greater London under which the Committee may consider any matter--
    (a)  which relates to such transport services or facilities provided by that person, but
    (b)  which is not a matter falling within section 219(1) above.
    (2)  Arrangements under subsection (1) above shall be on such terms as may be agreed by the parties but may in particular include provision for the person with whom the Committee enters into the arrangements to make such payments by way of reimbursement of costs incurred by the Committee under the arrangements as the arrangements may specify.
    (3)  Arrangements under this section may be entered into by the Committee only with the consent of the Assembly.")
Voluntary arrangements with transport providers.
After Clause 220
     Insert the following new Clause-- 
     (" .--(1) The Assembly may issue to the Committee--
    (a)  guidance as to the manner in which they are to exercise their functions, or
    (b)  general directions as to the manner in which they are to exercise their functions.
    (2)  The Committee shall exercise their functions in accordance with such guidance or directions as may be issued by the Assembly under subsection (1) above.
    (3)  Any guidance or directions issued under subsection (1) above must be issued in writing and notified to such officer of the Committee as the Committee may from time to time nominate to the Assembly for the purpose.")
Directions by the Assembly.
Clause 229
     Page 127, line 4, leave out ("list of, and a map showing,") and insert ("record of") 
     Page 127, line 5, leave out ("and proposed highways") 
     Page 127, line 6, at end insert--
    ("(  )  The record required to be prepared and maintained under subsection (3) above may consist of--
    (a)  a list;
    (b)  a map; or
    (c)  a list and a map.")
     Page 127, line 7, leave out ("list and of that map") and insert ("record") 
     Page 127, line 12, leave out ("list and map") and insert ("record") 
     Page 127, line 13, leave out ("list and map") and insert ("record") 
Clause 230
     Page 127, line 31, after ("Mayor") insert ("of London") 
     Page 127, line 33, after ("the") insert ("London") 
Clause 231
     Page 129, line 34, at end insert-- 
     ("(11A)  Any reference in this section to a GLA road includes a reference to a GLA side road, within the meaning of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (see sections 124A(9) and 142(1) of that Act).")1984 c. 27.
     Page 129, line 39, at end insert ("or GLA side roads") 
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Prepared 15 October 1999