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Jobseekers Act 1995 (c.18)
     29. - (1) The Jobseekers Act 1995 is amended as follows.
      (2) In section 4 (amount payable by way of a jobseeker's allowance), in each of subsections (6) and (8) (amount payable where claimant satisfies the contribution-based, and the income-based, conditions)-
    (a) for "satisfies both the contribution-based conditions and the income-based conditions" substitute "is entitled to both a contribution-based jobseeker's allowance and an income-based jobseeker's allowance"; and
    (b) after "the amount payable" insert "by way of a jobseeker's allowance".
      (3) In section 8 (attendance, information and evidence)-
    (a) in subsection (1)(a) (power of Secretary of State to specify place and time for claimant to attend), for "the Secretary of State" substitute "an employment officer"; and
    (b) at the end add-
    "(3) In subsection (1) "employment officer" means an officer of the Secretary of State or such other person as may be designated for the purposes of that subsection by an order made by the Secretary of State."
      (4) In section 17(1) (reduction of allowance payable to young persons), for "payable to" substitute "payable in respect of".
      (5) In section 20(4) (allowance payable to claimant even though section 19 prevents payment to him), for "payable to" there shall be substituted "payable in respect of".
      (6) In section 36(1) (orders to be made by statutory instrument unless made under specified provision), after "section" insert "8(3),".
      (7) In paragraph 10(2) of Schedule 1 (allowance payable to claimant even though payment to him has been suspended), for "payable to" there shall be substituted "payable in respect of".
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Prepared 15 October 1999