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Extent of repeal or revocation
1968 c. 29.
Trade Descriptions Act 1968.
In section 38(2), the words from "agricultural" to "stuffs" (in the second place it appears).
1990 c. 16.
Food Safety Act 1990.
Section 4.
In section 6, in subsection (4)(a), the words "the Ministers" and, in subsection (5), the words from "and, in" to the end.
Section 25.
In section 26(3), the words "or an order under section 25 above" and the words "or order" (in both places).
In section 40(4), the words "them or".
In section 53(2), the entries for "the Minister" and "the Ministers".
Section 57(1).
In Schedule 4, paragraph 7.
S.I. 1991/762 (N.I. 7).
The Food Safety (Northern Ireland) Order 1991.
In Article 2(2), the definition of "the Department concerned".
Article 24.
In Article 25(3), the words "or an order under Article 24" and in both places where they occur the words "or order".
Article 27(6)(a).
In Schedule 3, paragraph 5.
1993 c. 12.
Radioactive Substances Act 1993.
Section 16(11).
Section 17(5).
Section 23(4A).
Section 24(4A).
Section 25(5).
Section 26(5A).
Section 27(7A).
1995 c. 25.
Environment Act 1995.
In section 42, subsection (3)(b)(ii) and, in subsection (7), the words from "and, if" to the end.
In Schedule 22, paragraphs 205(10), 206(3), 211(2), 212(2) and 213(5).
S.I. 1996/1633 (N.I. 12).
The Food Safety (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 1996.
Article 3(1)(a).
Article 7(2)(b)(i).
Articles 8 and 9.
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Prepared 15 October 1999