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Entry of premises.     124. - (1) This section applies in relation to premises in which accommodation has been provided under section 93 or 97 for a supported person.
      (2) If, on an application made by a person authorised in writing by the Secretary of State, a justice of the peace is satisfied that there is reason to believe that-
    (a) the supported person or any dependants of his for whom the accommodation is provided is not resident in it,
    (b) the accommodation is being used for any purpose other than the accommodation of the asylum-seeker or any dependant of his, or
    (c) any person other than the supported person and his dependants (if any) is residing in the accommodation,
  he may grant a warrant to enter the premises to the person making the application.
      (3) A warrant granted under subsection (2) may be executed-
    (a) at any reasonable time;
    (b) using reasonable force.
      (4) In the application of subsection (2) to Scotland, read the reference to a justice of the peace as a reference to the sheriff or a justice of the peace.
Information from property owners.     125. - (1) The power conferred by this section is to be exercised with a view to obtaining information about premises in which accommodation is or has been provided for supported persons.
      (2) The Secretary of State may require any person appearing to him-
    (a) to have any interest in, or
    (b) to be involved in any way in the management or control of,
  such premises, or any building which includes such premises, to provide him with such information with respect to the premises and the persons occupying them as he may specify.
      (3) A person who is required to provide information under this section must do so in accordance with such requirements as may be prescribed.
      (4) Information provided to the Secretary of State under this section may be used by him only in the exercise of his functions under this Part.
Requirement to supply information about redirection of post.     126. - (1) The Secretary of State may require any person conveying postal packets to supply redirection information to the Secretary of State-
    (a) for use in the prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution of criminal offences under this Part;
    (b) for use in checking the accuracy of information relating to support provided under this Part; or
    (c) for any other purpose relating to the provision of support to asylum-seekers.
      (2) The information must be supplied in such manner and form, and in accordance with such requirements, as may be prescribed.
      (3) The Secretary of State must make payments of such amount as he considers reasonable in respect of the supply of information under this section.
      (4) "Postal packet" has the same meaning as in the Post Office Act 1953.
      (5) "Redirection information" means information relating to arrangements made with any person conveying postal packets for the delivery of postal packets to addresses other than those indicated by senders on the packets.
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Prepared 22 October 1999