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Amendments to the Immigration and Asylum Bill

Immigration and Asylum Bill -
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords

Here you can browse the Amendments to the Immigration and Asylum Bill to be moved on Third Reading in the House of Lords.

Clause 4
     Leave out Clause 4 
     Page 3, line 39, after ("the") insert ("voluntary") 
After Clause 126
     Insert the following new Clause-- 
     ("  .--(1)  The Police Complaints Authority (the Authority) established under Schedule 5 to the Police Act 1996 shall investigate complaints against immigration officers exercising their powers under the Immigration Acts.
    (2)  The provisions of Schedule 5 to the Police Act 1996 as amended by this Act shall apply to the Authority in the exercise of its duties under this section.
    (3)  At least two members of the Authority with experience of immigration and asylum matters shall sit as members of the Authority when it is investigating any complaints under this section.
    (4)  The Authority shall recommend disciplinary or criminal action against immigration officers against whom complaints are upheld, where appropriate.
    (5)  The Authority shall publish an annual report on its activities under this section.
    (6)  The Secretary of State shall by regulation make provision in relation to the duties of the Authority under subsection (1).
    (7)  When exercising his duty under subsection (6), the Secretary of State must consult persons and organisations with experience of immigration and asylum matters as to the desirability of making provision similar to that which is made for the investigation of complaints by the Authority under Part IV of the Police Act 1996 and to such modifications of that provision as may be required.")
The Police Complaints Authority: Complaints against immigration officers.
Schedule 13
     Page 161, line 34, at end insert-- 
 ("Police Act 1996 (c. 16) 
     1.--(1)  Paragraph 1 of Schedule 5 shall be amended as follows.
    (2)  In sub-paragraph (1) omit ("eight") and insert ("eleven")
    (3)  After sub-paragraph (4) insert the following new sub-paragraphs--
        "(  )  The members of the Authority shall not include any person who is or has been an immigration officer or has been employed in any capacity as a member of the Immigration and Nationality Department of the Home Office.
        (  )  At least three members of the authority shall have experience of immigration and asylum matters and they shall be known as Immigration Members."")
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Prepared 1 November 1999