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Bereavement Benefits

Earl Russell asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Social Security (Baroness Hollis of Heigham): The information is in the table.

Breakdown of the estimated costs and savings associated with the proposed reforms of Bereavement Benefits

£ million 1998-9 benefit rates
Increase Widow's Payment to £2,000 and extend to men70707050
Introduce Bereavement Allowance and extend to men*-50-100-600
Extend Widowed Parent's Allowance to new widowers*102050
Extend Widowed Parent's Allowance to existing widowers5040400
£10 disregard of Widowed Parent's Allowance in means-tested benefits101010**
Premium for older widows in means-tested benefits* 10100


(1) Estimates are presented net of means-tested benefit offsets, in line with those in A new contract for welfare: Support in bereavement. Means-tested benefit offsets were estimated using the 1995-6 Family Resources Survey and the Income Support Quarterly Statistical Enquiries. They assume a constant offset ratio in order to provide illustrative estimates for 2020.

(2) The underlying contributory benefit effects have been provided by the Government Actuary's Department.

(3) + cost, - saving.

(4) Estimates for the first three years are rounded to the nearest £10 million. "*" denotes negligible i.e. less then +/-£5 million.

(5) Estimates for 2020 provide broad orders of magnitude and are rounded to the nearest £50 million. "**" denotes less than £25 million.

(6) Totals may not agree due to rounding.

Actively Seeking Work Rules: Widows

Earl Russell asked Her Majesty's Government:

    How or to what extent they plan to apply the Actively Seeking Work rules to childless widows over 50; and[HL365]

    How or to what extent the Actively Seeking Work rules will be applied to widows over 50 whose children have reached adulthood.[HL366]

Baroness Hollis of Heigham: As Jobseeker's Allowance is a benefit for people who are unemployed and looking for work, it is a basic condition of entitlement that people must seek work actively. This means that jobseekers must take such steps as they can

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA22

reasonably be expected to take in order to have the best prospects of securing employment.

However, in the consultation document Support in Bereavement, we propose to make special arrangements for older widows and widowers with no dependent children during a transitional period. People who are aged 55 and over when the new Bereavement Benefits are introduced and are widowed in the first five years will be able to choose instead to claim Income Support without any requirement to seek work actively.

Widows who are receiving Widowed Mother's Allowance when the new benefits are introduced will be able to receive Widow's Pension if they satisfy the qualifying conditions when their children cease to be dependent.

Benefits Integrity Project: Successor Scheme

Earl Russell asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they will list the specific differences between the Benefits Integrity Project and its replacement.[HL367]

Baroness Hollis of Heigham: We plan to cancel the Benefit Integrity Project and introduce a new review process which will be more sensitive to people's circumstances. The new process will be fairer and more even-handed, because unlike the Benefit Integrity Project, it will apply to all rates of benefit, providing more opportunity for awards to increase as well as decrease in line with entitlement. We aim to introduce this by April 1999. The process will form part of a new modernised system of routine administration of Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance which will help to ensure that claims are right at the outset and remain right. The new procedures are being developed in close consultation with members of the Disability Benefits Forum.

Health Inequalities and Benefits Policy

Earl Russell asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether the proposal of the Acheson Report that "all policies likely to have an impact on health should be evaluated in terms of the impact on health inequalities" (p.xiii) will be applied to disentitlement to social security benefits.[HL368]

Baroness Hollis of Heigham: The Government are considering the Acheson Report and will respond to the recommendations in due course.

Non-departmental Public Bodies

Lord Selkirk of Douglas asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What steps they have taken to reduce the number of Non-Departmental Public Bodies in (a) Scotland, (b) England, (c) Wales and (d) Northern Ireland.[HL277]

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA23

The Minister of State, Cabinet Office (Lord Falconer of Thoroton): Public Bodies 1998, which was published on 15 December 1998, shows that the number of non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) at 1 April 1998 has fallen by 55 over the previous year. Copies of Public Bodies 1998 have been placed in both Libraries of the House. The Government will maintain the downward pressure on the number of NDPBs. It will ensure that a new NDPB is created only where it can be demonstrated that this is the most cost-effective and appropriate means of carrying out the given function. The Government are also undertaking a rolling programme of rigorous financial management and policy reviews of NDPBs every five years. These reviews examine the need for the continued existence of the NDPB in question.

Lord Stoddart of Swindon asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What is the justification for their policy to encourage mothers with young children to take paid employment rather than look after their children, given the high level of unemployment among young men.[HL251]

The Minister of State, Department for Education and Employment (Baroness Blackstone): The Government recognise that all parents, both men and women, face the challenge of balancing work with their family responsibilities. Our policy is to provide choice for all parents, especially mothers, since they often bear the major responsibility for childcare and ensuring that children get the best possible start in life. Through our National Childcare Strategy we will ensure that good quality, affordable childcare is available for children aged 0-14 in every neighbourhood. This will offer equal opportunities for parents as they make choices about work, training or education and help them to manage work and family life. We are promoting family friendly employment practices which also help parents fit their working arrangements more easily around other responsibilities.

Our New Deals for Young People and Lone Parents provide help for both young men and women. Our commitment to equal opportunities means that we would not discriminate between sexes on job opportunities. The New Deal for Young People was launched nationally on 6 April 1998 and offers support, training and work experience for young people to get into employment. By September 1998, 167,400 people had joined the New Deal for Young People of which 120,600 (76 per cent.) are young men.

We set up the New Deal for Lone Parents to help them move out of benefit dependency and into employment and opportunity. This is a voluntary programme available to all lone parents and it offers individual tailored help and advice on job-search, training, childcare, in-work benefits and financial support and in-work support through a personal advisor.

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA24

Merrywood and Pen Park Schools

Lord Cocks of Hartcliffe asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they will refer the cases of Merrywood and Pen Park Secondary Schools to the Social Exclusion Unit.[HL331]

Baroness Blackstone: Where proposals for the reorganisation, including closure, of schools fall to the Secretary of State for Education and Employment, he takes account of all educational and other factors which appear to him to be relevant in the circumstances of the case. The Department for Education and Employment is working closely with the Social Exclusion Unit on policies to promote inclusion.

NVQ Take-up

Lord Pilkington of Oxenford asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What was the take-up by framework sector and subject of NVQ Level 3 in England and Wales in the last year for which figures are available.[HL392]

Baroness Blackstone: The information requested is set out in the tables below. Copies have been placed in the Library.

Level 3 Awards 1997-98 Financial Year

NVQ Framework Sectors
1 Tending Animals, Plants and Land1,281
2 Extracting and Providing Natural Resources116
3 Constructing5,164
4 Engineering14,419
5 Manufacturing507
6 Transporting101
7 Providing Goods and Services15,132
8 Providing Health, Social and Protective Services10,983
9 Providing Business Services45,700
10 Communicating118
11 Developing and Extending Knowledge and Skill4,736

Level 3 Awards during Financial Year 1997-98
Sorted in descending order

TitleLevelTotal Certs
Customer Service314,850
Training and Development34,693
Supervisory Management34,406
Use and Support of Information Technology34,132
Engineering Maintenance34,009
Vehicle Mechanical and Electronic Systems-- Maintenance and Repair (Light Vehicles)33,142
Child Care and Education (Group Care and Education)32,235
Beauty Therapy32,139
Child Care and Education (Pre-School Provision)31,770
Aromatherapy Massage31,636
Care (Continuing Care)31,589
Carpentry and Joinery (Construction)31,276
Owner Management--Business Planning31,234
Engineering Machining31,135
Catering and Hospitality (Food Preparation and Cooking-- Kitchen and Larder Work)3967
Engineering Assembly3 948
Bricklaying (Construction)3936
Installing and Commissioning Machinery and Equipment3916
Travel Services3912
Wood Occupations (Construction)3853
Retail Operations3846
Vehicle Mechanical and Electronic Systems-- Maintenance and Repair (Heavy Vehicles)3729
Implement Information Technology Solution3728
Child Care and Education (Special Needs)3679
Mechanical Engineering Services (Plumbing)3654
Engineering Material Processing3650
Information Systems Design and Programming3642
Care (Mental Health Care)3588
Agriculture (Livestock Production)3584
Vehicle Body Repair3530
Care (Acute Care)3527
Child Care and Education (Family Day Care)3512
Care (Supporting Living)3509
Providing Technical Services3501
Painting and Decorating (Construction)3482
Health Care (Operating Department Practice)3455
Care (Promoting Independence)3434
Catering and Hospitality (Food Preparation and Cooking-- Patisserie and Confectionery)3418
Operating and Maintaining the Performance of Telecommunications Equipment3418
Vehicle Refinishing3366
Catering and Hospitality Supervisory Management (Food and Drink Service)3333
Care (Supportive Long-Term Care)3317
On-Licensed Premises Supervisory Management3292
Bench Joinery (Construction)3285
Care (Terminal Care)3249
On-Licensed Premises Supervision3247
Wholesaling, Warehousing and Stores3235
Support Users of Information Technology3225
Horse Care and Management3204
Sport and Recreation (Supervision)3203
Care (Clinic and Out-Patient Care)3191
Joining by Welding3174
Catering and Hospitality Supervisory Management (Food Preparation and Cooking)3171
Care (Mobility and Movement)3140
Process Operations (Chemical and Pharmaceutical)3136
International Trade and Services3126
Engineering Finishing3123
Agriculture and Commercial Horticulture (Mechanised Field Crop Production)3118
Amenity Horticulture (Sportsturf Maintenance)3117
Care (Rehabilitative Care)3115
Occupational Health and Safety Practice3105
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Mechanical and Avionic)397
Plant Maintenance (Construction)397
Travel Services (Tour Operations)396
Commercial Horticulture (Intensive Crop Production)395
Mechanical Engineering Services (Gas Services Installation and Maintenance)392
Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons392
Solid Plastering (Construction)392
Restaurant Supervision390
Producing Hand-Crafted Furniture383
Selling Residential Property383
Care (Self and Environmental Management Skills)379
Motorcycle Mechanical and Electronic Systems-- Maintenance and Repair374
Process Engineering Maintenance374
Engineering Construction (Installing Pipework Systems)364
Marketing Products and Services359
Information Systems Analysis358
Controlling Use of Information Technology357
Service Engineering (Agricultural Machinery)357
Craft Baking (Technical Operations)356
Maintaining PCVs (Mechanical)355
Plastering Solid and Fibrous (Construction)353
Laboratory Operations (Chemical and Pharmaceutical)351
Care (Acute Care--Children)349
Vehicle Parts Distribution and Supply349
Process Operations: Technical Support (Chemical and Pharmaceuticals)347
Catering and Hospitality Supervisory Management (Reception)345
Erecting and Maintaining Wood Pole Overhead Lines345
Sport and Recreation (Coaching Children)344
Amenity Horticulture (Designing and Specifying Land Designs)343
Public Utilities Distribution (Natural Gas)342
School Administration340
Building Site Supervision337
Child Care and Education (Family Support)337
Mechanical Engineering Services (Heating and Ventilating Installation) 337
Information and Library Service336
Kitchen Supervision336
Machine Printing336
Bus and Coach Driving Instruction (formerly entitled PSV Driving Instruction)335
Vehicle Selling333
Front Office Supervision332
Shopfitting Benchwork (Construction)332
Sport and Recreation (Outdoor Education)332
Care (Support and Protection)330
Agriculture (Crop and Livestock Production)329
Business Information329
Stonemasonry (Construction)329
Network Computer Services Supervision328
Woodmachining (Construction)327
Banker Mason (Construction)326
Commercial Horticulture (Nursery Stock Production)326
Engineering Construction (Maintaining Electrical Systems of Plant and Equipment)326
Engineering Construction (Maintaining Instrument and Control Systems of Plant and Equipment)326
Engineering Construction: Joining Materials by Welding325
Environmental Conservation (Landscape and Ecosystems)325
Textile Technician325
Business Information and Support323
Engineering Construction (Maintaining Mechanical Systems of Plant and Equipment)323
Refinery Control Room Operations323
Supervisory Management (Meat Processing)322
Catering and Hospitality Supervisory Management (Housekeeping)321
Sound Operation321
Travel Services (Commentaries and Interpretation for Tourism)321
Insurance (Intermediaries)320
Mason Paviour (Construction)320
Mechanical Engineering Services (Commercial and Industrial Halocarbon Refrigeration Systems)320
Racehorse Care and Management320
Scaffolding (Construction)320
Engineering Construction (Erecting Capital Plant Steel Structures)319
Engineering Construction (Installing Mechanical Plant)319
Roof Slating and Tiling (Construction)319
Cultural Venue Administration318
Engineering Construction (Fabricating Steel Structures)318
Engineering Construction-- Lifting and Positioning Capital Plant Steel Structures318
Landfill Operations (Inert Waste)318
Maintaining PCVs (Electrical)318
Catering and Hospitality (Food Preparation and Cooking-- Vegetarian)316
Criminal Justice Services (Individual Support and Development)316
Multi-Skilled Hospitality Supervision316
Care (Group and Foster Care)316
Care (Supporting Community Care)315
Maintaining PCVs (Body Trades)315
Marketing Research315
Meat Processing (Technical Operations)315
Providing a Telecommunications Service314
Public Relations314
Civic Amenity Site Operations313
Fishing Vessel Operations (Inshore Area)313
Service Engineering (Garden Machinery)313
Care (Substance Use)311
Care (Supporting Families)311
Food Service Advanced Craft311
Installing and Commissioning Electrical Systems and Equipment311
Jointing and Terminating Distribution and Transmission Cables311
Merchant Vessel Engineering311
Sport and Recreation (Development)311
Accommodation Supervision310
Distribution and Warehousing Operations310
Personnel Support310
Photographic Processing310
Residential Estate Agency310
Sales Supervision310
Amenity Horticulture (Sports Turf Maintenance)39
Furniture Production39
Mechanical Engineering Services (Heating and Ventilating System Rectification)39
Stand Alone Computer Services Supervision39
Building Maintenance and Estates Service38
Environmental Conservation (Landscapes and Ecosystems)38
Funeral Service38
Health Care--Physiological Measurement (Neurophysiology)38
Polymer Processing Technology38
Special Needs Housing38
Amenity Horticulture (Managing Trees and Woodlands)37
Animal Training37
Catering and Hospitality (Food Preparation and Cooking: Kitchen and Larder)37
Engineering Maintenance (Mechanical Plant and Systems and Technical Support Services--Power Generation Plant)37
Fibrous Plastering (Construction)37
Stand Alone Computer System Selection and Installation37
Care (Clinical Imaging Support)36
Drink Service Advanced Craft36
Emergency Fire Services-- Operations36
Health Care--Physiological Measurement (Audiology)36
Health care--Physiological Measurement (Respiratory Physiology)36
Information Systems Design and Production36
Installing and Maintaining Electrical Sub-Station Plant and Apparatus36
Administering Cultural Products35
Animal Welfare and Management35
Criminal Justice Services (Agency Services)35
Engineering Maintenance for Processing Industries35
Engineering Production35
Warding and Visitor Services35
Amenity Horticulture (Hard Landscape)34
Automotive Glazing34
Information Systems Delivery and Support Supervision34
Information Systems Installation and Support Supervision34
Merchant Vessel Operations34
Shopfitting Site Fixing (Construction)34
Amenity Horticulture (Constructing and Restoring Landscapes)33
Central Computer Services Supervision33
Direct Marketing33
Engineering Construction-- Design33
Engineering Construction-- Maintaining Plant and Equipment33
Food and Drink Manufacturing Operations33
Highways Maintenance33
Operating and Controlling Power Station Systems (Fossil-Fired)--Unit Operation33
Servicing Electronic Systems (Field)33
Tourist Information33
Camera Operation and Assistance32
Care (Foot Health Support)32
Engineering Maintenance (Electrical Plant and Systems and Technical Support Services--Power Generation Plant)32
Engineering Maintenance (Measurement and Control and Technical Support Services-- Power Generation Plant)32
Information Systems Acquisition32
Insurance (General)32
Museums, Galleries and Heritage (Collection Care and Visitor Services)32
Security Systems Technical Services32
Steel Industry Operations32
Transfer Operations (Inert Waste)32
Care (Speech and Language Therapy Support)31
Costume Supervision and Maintenance31
Engineering Construction-- Installing Plant and Systems31
Information Systems Analysis and Design31
Interior Systems (Construction)31
Laboratory Operations (Water)31
Lighting Operation31
Livestock Production31
Maintaining Electricity Generation Systems31
Mechanical Engineering Services (Heating and Ventilating Ductwork Installation)31
Mechanical Engineering Services: Heating and Ventilating--Installation31
Plant Operations (Construction)31
Print Commercial31
Print Finishing31
Providing Financial Advice (excluding direct Investment)31
Technical Services31
Treatment Operations (Inert Waste)31
Tube Making31

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA31

    Level 3 NVQs for which there were no Awards recorded Financial Year 1997-98


    Air Cabin Crewing

    Amenity Horticulture (Decorative Horticulture)

    Animation Assistance

    Archive Services

    Book Editing

    Broadcast, Film and Video Make-Up/Hair

    Broadcast, Film, and Video Production

    Building Services Engineering--Buying

    Building Services Engineering--Estimating

    Building Services Engineering--Site Supervision

    Building Society Services

    Building Society Supervisory Management

    Care (Providing Outreach Services)

    Carton manufacture

    Casting (Continuous Casting)

    Catering and Hospitality (Food Preparation and Cooking: Patisserie and Confectionery)

    Co-ordinating Airside Ramp Operations

    Coke Making

    Cold Working of Metals

    Commercial Horticulture (Fruit Crop Production)

    Commercial Horticulture (Mushroom Crop Production)

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA32

    Community Work

    Computer Network System Investigation and Installation

    Construction (Floorlaying)

    Construction (Roof Slating and Tiling)

    Construction Plant and Equipment Supervision

    Control Room Operations

    Controlling Air Terminal Operations

    Controlling Aircraft Operations

    Controlling Minilab Equipment

    Controlling Reactor Systems on Licensed Nuclear Sites

    Controlling the Process to Coat Paper and Board

    Controlling the Process to Make Paper and Board

    Controlling the process to Produce Paper and Board Stock

    Controlling Water Operations (Process)

    Custodial Care

    Dairy Retailing

    Delivering Artform Development Sessions


    Demolition (Construction)

    Diploma in Travel Skills

    Drinks Dispense Systems (Installation and Maintenance)

    Driving Instruction

    Early Years Care and Education


    Electrical and Electronics Servicing

    Electricity Distribution and Transmission Engineering

    Electronic Communications Operations

    Emergency Fire Services--Supervision and Command

    Emergency Fire Services Control

    Engineering Construction--Fabricating Steel Structures

    Engineering Construction--Procurement

    Engineering Construction--Project Control

    Engineering Construction: Design and Draughting

    Engineering Installation and Commissioning

    Engineering Maintenance (China Clay and Ball Clay Processing)

    Engineering Maintenance (Man-made Fibres Manufacture)

    Engineering Maintenance (Tobacco Products Manufacture)

    Engineering Technical Services

    Environmental Conservation (Archaeology)

    Erecting and Maintaining Steel Tower Overhead Lines

    Extensive Crop Production

    Fenestration Surveying

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA33

    Finishing Metal Products

    Fish Husbandry

    Fishing Vessel Engineering

    Fishing Vessel Operations (Unlimited Area)

    Fixer Mason (Construction)


    Forestry (Contracting)

    Forestry (Supervising and Operating)

    Formworking (Construction)

    Gas Network Engineering

    Gas, Service Installation and Maintenance

    General Construction Operations

    Glass Decorating

    Glass Manufacturing Processes and Production Operations


    Graphic Design for the Moving Image

    Handcraft Tailoring

    Handling Air Passengers

    Health Care--Technical Cardiology

    Health Care Physiological Measurement--Audiology

    Health Care Physiological Measurement--Neurophysiology

    Health Care Physiological Measurement--Respiratory

    Heat Treatment

    Hot Rolling

    Hot Rolling (Bar, Rod and Sections)

    Hotel, Catering and Institutional Operations (Food Preparation)

    Information and Library Services

    Installing and Maintaining Electricity Transmission Sub-Station Plant and Apparatus

    Installing Architectural Glazing Systems

    Insurance (Life Offices)

    Intensive Crop Production

    Investigating Scenes of Incidents

    Iron Making

    Iron Making (Frontside)

    Joining Materials by Welding

    Journal Production Editing

    Landfill Operations--Inert Waste

    Lightning Conductor Engineering (Construction)

    Maintaining Automotive Vehicles (Body Structures and Claddings)

    Maintaining Automotive Vehicles (Electrical/Electronic)

    Maintaining Automotive Vehicles (Mechanical)

    Maintenance Engineering: Clothing Machinery

    Maintenance Operations (Construction)

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA34

    Manufacture Specialised Jewellery and Related Products

    Mastic Asphalting (Construction)

    Materials Preparation

    Mechanical Engineering Services (Ammonia Refrigeration Systems)

    Mechanical Engineering Services (Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning Systems)

    Mechanical Engineering Services--Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

    Mechanical Engineering Services--Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning Systems

    Mechanical Engineering Services--Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Systems other than Ammonia

    Mechanical Engineering Services: Heating and Ventilating--Rectification of Systems

    Mechanised Binding

    Metal Forging

    Metal Industry Laboratory Services

    Mixed Farming

    Motion Picture Film Processing

    Multi-User Computer System Investigation and Installation

    Newspaper Journalism (Graphics Journalism)

    Offshore Drilling Operations

    Operating Multiple Electricity Generation Systems

    Paper Manufacturing

    Periodical Journalism (Periodical Design)

    Periodical Production: Advertisement Production

    Pet Care and Supply

    Pharmacy Services

    Planning Aircraft Payloads

    Polymer Processing--Product Development

    Poultry Production

    Printing Photographic Material

    Process Manufacture (Chemicals)

    Processing Photographic Material

    Product Coating

    Product Development (Apparel)

    Production Research

    Properties Manufacture

    Properties Provision

    Providing Air Cargo Booking and Airway-Billing Services

    Providing Air Passenger Ticketing Services

    Radio Production

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Communication)

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Electrification)

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA35

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Permanent Way)

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Plant)

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Signals)

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Traction and Rolling Stock)

    Records Services

    Recovering Materials of Evidential Value (Laboratory Based)

    Regulating Waste Management

    Reinstating the Condition and Performance of Boats

    Removal of Hazardous Waste (Asbestos)

    Repairing Cellular Terminal Equipment


    Roof Sheeting and Cladding

    Roof Slating and Tiling

    Safety Services (Offshore)

    Scientific Glass Product Fabrication

    Servicing Electronic Systems (Workshop)

    Servicing Office Information Technology Equipment and Systems

    Servicing Software (Field and Support Centre)

    Shortfiring Operations (Extractive Industries--Quarries)

    Site Inspection

    Specialist Operations

    Spectator Control

    Sport and Recreation (Coaching Adults)

    Sport and Recreation (Coaching Participants with Disabilities)

    Sports Administration

    Stagecraft (Scenic Fabrication)

    Steel Casting

    Steel Making

    Steel Refining

    Steelmaking (BOS Stage)

    Steelmaking (EAF Operations)

    Steeplejacking (Construction)

    Stock, Process and Supply Steel and Metal Products

    Studio Operations (Vision Control)

    Studio Operations (Vision Mixing)

    Supporting Workplace Organisation and Representation

    Traditional Upholstery

    Training and Development (Flexible and Open Learning)

    Transfer Operations--Inert Waste

    Transporting Passengers By Road--Long Itineraries

    Travel Services (Field Operations)

    Travel Services (Supervising)

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA36

    Treatment Operations--Inert Waste

    Veterinary Nursing

    Visual Arts Practice

    Wall and Floor Tiling (Construction)

    Water Services--Technical Distribution Operations


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