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Lord Pilkington of Oxenford asked Her Majesty's Government:

Baroness Blackstone: The information requested is set out in the tables below. Copies have been placed in the Library.

Level 2 Awards--1997-98 Financial Year

NVQ Framework Sectors
1 Tending Animals, Plants and Land7,261
2 Extracting and Providing Natural Resources832
3 Constructing15,114
4 Engineering32,984
5 Manufacturing11,153
6 Transporting8,472
7 Providing Goods and Services90,393
8 Providing Health, Social and Protective Services23,597
9 Providing Business Services82,391
10 Communicating188
11 Developing and Extending Knowledge and Skill118

Level 2 Awards during Financial Year 1997-98--Sorted in descending order

TitleLevelTotal Certs
Using Information Technology225,591
Retail Operations214,244
Care (Direct Care)212,480
Engineering Manufacture (Foundation)211,098
Customer Service29,917
Catering and Hospitality (Food Preparation and Cooking)28,111
Lift Truck Operations25,615
Beauty Therapy25,465
Vehicle Mechanical and Electronic Systems--Unit Replacement25,317
Wood Occupations (Construction)24,864
Wholesaling, Warehousing and Stores24,712
Engineering Material Processing24,554
Catering and Hospitality (Serving Food and Drink--Table)24,432
Distribution and Warehousing Operations23,864
Catering and Hospitality (Serving Food and Drink--Bar)23,077
Child Care and Education (Work in Support of Others)22,988
Installing Electrical Systems and Equipment22,920
Bricklaying (Construction)22,739
Child Care and Education (Work With Babies)22,720
Food and Drink Manufacturing Operations22,505
Travel Services22,144
Mechanical Engineering Services (Plumbing)22,078
Manufacturing Products from Textiles22,036
Catering and Hospitality (Preparing and Serving Food)21,897
Engineering Assembly21,841
Painting and Decorating (Construction)21,771
Sport and Recreation (Facility Operations)21,469
Engineering Foundation21,350
Software Creation21,176
Bus and Coach Driving and Customer Care21,149
Care (Special Care Needs)21,087
Meat and Poultry Processing and Manufacturing Operations21,072
Caring for Animals21,049
Commercial Horticulture (Intensive Crop Production)21,043
PCB Assembly and Repair21,040
Performing Manufacturing Operations21,009
Catering and Hospitality (Reception)2967
Install Information Technology Products2965
Sport and Recreation (Coaching and Activity Delivery--Adults)2924
Transporting Goods by Road2916
Agriculture (Livestock Production)2913
Joining Materials by Welding2895
Sport and Recreation (Coaching and Activity Delivery--Children)2888
Amenity Horticulture (Nursery--Interior Soft Landscape Maintenance) 2859
Horse Care2844
Amenity Horticulture (Greenkeeping--Sports Turf--Sports Ground Maintenance)2807
Security Guarding2782
Cleaning (Building Interiors)2718
Child Care and Education (Work in a Pre-School Group)2642
Care (Developmental Care)2641
Manufacturing Ceramic Items2575
Telephone Selling2548
Catering and Hospitality (Housekeeping)2511
Craft Baking2507
Amenity Horticulture (Hard Landscaping)2483
Carpentry and Joinery (Construction)2482
Manufacturing Textiles2463
Installing and Testing Fixed Copper Communication Links2440
Vehicle Body Fitting2438
Plastering Solid and Fibrous (Construction)2431
Engineering Machining2336
Mechanical Engineering Services (Small Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems)2335
Process Engineering Maintenance2331
Construction Operations (Construction)2322
Mail Operations2321
Care (Domiciliary Support)2318
Operating Information Technology2318
Service Engineering (Agricultural Machinery)2317
Care (Residential/Hospital Support)2312
Licensed Bookmaking2310
Catering and Hospitality (Serving Food and Drink--Function)2303
Process Operations (Chemical and Pharmaceutical)2295
Assembled Furniture Production2294
International Trade and Services2291
Environmental Conservation (Landscape and Ecosystems)2277
Mechanical Engineering Services (Gas Services Installation and Maintenance--Domestic)2275
Electronic Product Assembly and Rectification2262
Health Care (Operating Department Practice)2257
Providing Technical Services2257
Vehicle Maintenance--Service Replacement2254
Plastics Processing Operations2244
Automotive Glazing2226
Racehorse Care2222
Agriculture (Crop and Livestock Production)2218
Plant Maintenance (Construction)2212
Producing Hand-crafted Furniture2209
Upholstered Furniture Production2205
Child Care and Education (Work in a Community Run Pre-School Group)2198
Engineering Machining (Production Machining)2197
Selling and Distributing Meat, Poultry and Related Products2196
Machine Printing2193
Highways Maintenance2181
Care (Independent Living Support)2178
Installing and Commissioning Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (Radio)2177
Footwear Manufacture2175
Agriculture (Estate Maintenance)2168
Operating Process Plant (Sludge)2167
Meat and Poultry Butchery Operations2166
Agriculture and Commercial Horticulture (Mechanised Field Crop Production)2163
Support Users of Information Technology2158
Storing Goods for Distribution by Road2157
Engineering Construction2155
Care (Post Natal Care)2151
General Construction Operations2149
Installing and Commissioning Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (Fixed)2149
Building Society Services2148
Insurance (Intermediaries)2143
Mechanical Engineering Services (Heating and Ventilating Industrial/Commercial Installation2140
Processing Information Using Telecommunications2131
Bench Joinery (Construction)2130
Security, Safety and Loss Prevention2120
Operating Process Plant (Water)2117
Rail Transport--Passenger Services2111
Information and Library Service2104
Roof Slating and Tiling (Construction)2104
Water Distribution (Mains Laying)2104
Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons297
Wall and Floor Tiling (Construction)296
Engineering Maintenance295
Water Distribution (Service Laying)287
Meat and Poultry Plant Operations286
Installing Security and Emergency Systems285
Care (Combined Support)283
Operating Process Plant (Waste Water)283
Glass Processing281
Merchant Vessel Operations281
Process Operations (Man-made Fibre)280
Catering and Hospitality (Guest Service)278
Environmental Conservation (Landscapes and Ecosystems)275
Assembly, Fabrication, Manufacturing Processes (Signmaking)274
Production Support Operations--Glass (Cold End Operations)273
Care (Activity and Access Support)271
Organising Road Transport Operations267
Laboratory Operations (Chemical and Pharmaceutical)266
Engineering Production264
Providing a Telecommunications Service264
Stonemasonry (Construction)264
Glass Forming Operations263
Scaffolding (Construction)263
Glass Forming Operations263
Scaffolding (Construction)263
Fibreboard Conversion262
Mechanical Engineering Services (Heating and Ventilating System Components Service and Maintenance)262
Engineering Finishing259
Stand Alone Computer Services Operation259
Fence Erection258
Spectator Control258
Forming Ceramic Items (Automotive)257
Network Computer Services Operation257
Stand Alone Computer Systems Selection, Installation and Support256
Mechanical Engineering Services (Heating and Ventilating Domestic Installation)254
Travel Services (Tour Operations)254
Service Support (Advice, Guidance, Counselling and Psychotherapy)252
Vehicle Parts Distribution and Supply251
Earthmoving Plant Operations (Construction)250
Graphic Design250
Packaging Operations (Pharmaceutical)250
Glazing Installation249
Stagecraft (Scenic)249
Solid Plastering (Construction)248
Residential Estate Agency247
Amenity Horticulture (Arboriculture)246
Maintaining PCVs (Mechanical)246
Install and Maintain Aerial Equipment and Associated Feeders245
Servicing Electronic Systems (Workshop)242
Finishing Paper and Board239
Print Finishing239
Technical Services239
Maintaining PCVs (Electrical)237
Service Engineering (Garden Machinery)237
Amenity Horticulture (Sports Turf)236
Glass and Glazing Production (Replacement Fabrication)236
Mechanical Ride Operation (Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions)236
Processing Rubber (Tyre Manufacture)236
Assessing Insulation Requirements235
Decorating Ceramic Items (Automotive)235
Footwear Repair235
Installing Replacement Windows and Doors235
Blood Collection234
Commercial Horticulture (Garden Centre Operations)234
Glass Melting Operations233
Mobile Plant Operations (Extractive Industries)232
Floorcovering (Construction)230
Stagecraft (Lighting)230
Vehicle Selling230
Sound Assistance229
Installing and Commissioning Mobile Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (Cellular)228
Process Operations (Extractive Industries)228
Wood Machining (Timber Trade)228
Boat Building227
Bulk Liquid Warehousing227
Formworking (Construction)227
Woodmachining (Construction)226
Insurance (General)225
Scientific Glass Product Fabrication225
Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations--Coaching, Teaching and Instructing225
Fibreboard Manufacture224
Steel Casting224
Water Industry Operations (Sewerage Maintenance)224
Drylining (Construction)223
Maintaining PCVs (Body Trades)223
Mechanical Engineering Services (Thermal Insulation)223
Amenity Horticulture (Decorative Horticulture)222
Hairdressing (Afro-type Hair)222
Installing Insulation222
Refinery Field Operations222
Meat Processing (Manufacturing-Packaging)221
Cultural Venue Operations and Support220
Installing and Testing Telecommunications Switching and Transmission Equipment220
Software Production220
Emergency Fire Services--Fire Fighting219
Finishing Metal Products219
Food and Drink Laboratory Operations219
Processing Rubber (General Rubber Goods)219
Transporting Passengers By Road--Short Itineraries219
Travel Services (Commentaries and Interpretation for Tourism)219
Water Services Operations (Distribution Control)219
Meat Processing (Manufacturing--Operations)217
Specifying Security and Emergency Systems217
Cold Working of Metals216
Plastics Processing Operations (Injection Moulding)216
Steel Refining216
Amenity Horticulture (Hard Landscape)215
Fishing Vessel Operations215
Producing Surface Coatings (Resin)215
Air Cabin Crewing214
Built Up Felt Roofing (Construction)214
Cargo Operations214
Custodial Care214
Fire Ceramic Items214
Public Utilities Distribution214
Warding and Visitor Services214
Hot Rolling213
Interior Systems (Construction)213
Processing Raw Materials213
Supporting Photographic Processing Operations213
Metal Industry Laboratory Services212
High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting211
Information Systems Analysis211
Mastic Asphalting (Construction)211
Pest Control211
Engineering Maintenance (Couplings and Bearings--Power Generation Plant)210
Laboratory Operations (Water)210
Maintaining Security and Emergency Systems210
Meat Processing (Abattoir Process Operations)210
Mechanical Engineering Services--Small Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems210
Steel Making210
Forestry (Establishment and Maintenance)29
Glazing (Construction)29
Installing and Maintaining Security and Emergency Systems29
Leather Production29
Producing Surface Coatings (Paint and Ink)29
Tourist Information29
Amenity Horticulture (Nursery)28
Catering and Hospitality (Serving Food and Drink--Restaurant)28
Community Work28
Lifting Plant Operations (Construction)28
Meat Processing (Catering Butchery)28
Processing Rubber (Retreading Tyres)28
Cleaning: On Site Care of Carpets and Soft Furnishings27
Cleaning: within Food Premises27
Demolition (Construction)27
Engineering Maintenance (Drives and Brake Systems--Power Generation Plant)27
Engineering Maintenance (Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators--Power Generation Plant)27
Environmental Conservation (Archaeology)27
Funeral Service27
Intensive Crop Production27
Marketing Communications27
Operating and Controlling Power Station Systems (Fossil-Fired)--Boiler Operation27
Business Administration (Administrative)26
Fibrous Plastering (Construction)26
Firing Ceramic Items26
Maintaining and Operating Caravan Parks26
Making Paper and Board26
Meat Processing (Manufacturing--Butchery)26
Meat Processing (Retailing)26
Tunnelling Operations (Construction)26
Engineering Construction (Lifting and Positioning Capital Plant Steel Structures)25
Installing and Testing Fixed Fibre-Optic Communication Links25
Licensed Gaming25
Mason Pavior (Construction)25
Operating and Controlling Power Station Systems (Fossil-Fired)--Turbine Operation25
Production of Glass Supporting Fabrications25
Transporting Passengers by Road--Passenger Support Services25
Applied Waterproof Membranes (Construction)24
Boat Outfitting24
Carton Manufacture24
Maintaining Fuel Route and Radioactive Waste Activities on Licensed Nuclear Sites24
Meat Processing (Wholesaling)24
Meat Forging24
Operating Single Electricity Generation Systems24
Print Commercial24
Rail Transport--Driving24
Servicing Electronic Systems (Field)24
Shopfitting (Construction)24
Sign Installation (Sign Making)24
Tobacco Processing (Packing)24
Fashion Design23
Iron Making23
Mason (Construction)23
Mechanised Binding23
Operating and Controlling Power Station Systems (Fossil-Fired)--Assistant Unit Operation23
Plastics Processing Operations (Extrusion Pipe/Profile)23
Plastics Processing Operations (Extrusion Sheet)23
Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Traction and Rolling Stock)23
Tobacco Processing (Rod Making)23
Transporting Property Under Guard23
Camera Assistance22
Central Computer Services Operation22
Ceramics Design22
Commercial Horticulture (Fruit Crop Production)22
Fibre Reinforced Plastic Lamination22
Fish Husbandry (Trout)22
Glass Batch Processing Operations22
Hire of Goods and Services22
Manufacturing Sewn Products22
Meat Processing (Poultry Industry Operations)22
Nuclear Decommissioning22
Periodical Production: Advertisement Production22
Product Coating22
Travel Services (Guiding Services)22
Bakery Service21
Brick Production Operations21
Business Administration (Financial) First Diploma in Business and Finance)21
Coke Making21
Drilling Operations (Extractive Industries)21
Engineering Maintenance (Instrument Maintenance--Power Generation Plant)21
Engineering Maintenance (Lifting and Handling and Scaffolding--Power Generation Plant)21
Engineering Maintenance (Pipework and Valves--Power Generation Plant)21
Fish Husbandry (Shellfish)21
Leathergoods Manufacture21
Lightning Conductor Engineering (Construction)21
Livestock Production21
Making Paper and Board Stock21
Manufacturing Jewellery and Allied Products21
Operating Photofinishing Systems21
Plastics Processing Operations (Finishing and Assembly)21
Producing Surface Coatings21
Roof Sheeting and Cladding (Construction)21
Tube Making21

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA43

Level 2 NVQs for which there were no Awards recorded Financial Year 1997-98


    Abattoir Process Operations

    Agriculture (Dairy Production)

    Agriculture (Hatchery Production)

    Amenity Horticulture (Cemetery and Graveyard Maintenance)

    Amenity Horticulture (Interior Landscaping)



    Archive Services

    Boat Repairing

    Brick Production (Drying and Firing)

    Business Administration (Administrative Procedures)

    Business Administration (Secretarial Procedures)

    Business Administration (Secretarial)

    Ceiling Fixing (Construction)

    Chimney Engineering (Construction)

    Cleaning: Highways and Land

    Cleaning: Windows, Glass and Facade Services

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA44

    Co-ordinating the Provision of Servicing Activities

    Coating Paper and Board

    Commercial Horticulture (Mushroom Crop Production)

    Commercial Horticulture (Mushroom Production)

    Commercial Horticulture (Outdoor Vegetable Production)

    Constructed Textile Design

    Construction (Fencing)

    Dairy Retailing

    Decorating Ceramic Items (Non-Automotive)


    Demountable Partitioning (Construction)

    Early Years Care and Education

    Electrical and Electronics Servicing

    Electricity Distribution and Transmission Engineering Support

    Electronic Office Systems Maintenance (Field)

    Electronic Post Production Support

    Engineering Installation and Commissioning

    Engineering Maintenance (Electrical Actuators and Cable Installation--Power Generation Plant)

    Engineering Maintenance (Fabrication and Welding--Power Generation Plant)

    Engineering Maintenance (Switchgear, Lighting, Heating and Batteries--Power Generation Plant)

    Engineering Maintenance for Processing Industries

    Exhibition Design

    Extensive Crop Production

    Facade Maintenance (Construction)

    Facade Maintenance--Cleaning (Construction)

    Film Editing Support

    Film Projection

    Fingerprint Operations

    Fish Husbandry (Cyprinids)

    Fish Husbandry (Fin Fish)

    Fish Husbandry (Salmon)

    Fishing Vessel Engineering

    Fitted Interiors (Construction)

    Food and Drink Manufacturing Operations (Distilling)

    Footwear Manufacture (Making Flatlasted)

    Forecourt Operations

    Forestry (Harvesting)

    Furnace Operations (Carbon and Graphite Products)

    Furniture Design

    Furniture Production (Assembling)

    Furniture Production (Cutting and Sewing)

    Furniture Production (Polishing and Finishing)

    Furniture Production (Upholstery)

    Furniture Production (Veneering)

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA45

    Furniture Production (Woodmachining)

    Gas, Service Installation and Maintenance

    Handling Air Passengers

    Health Care--Technical Cardiology

    Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment Operations (Refractories)

    Heritage Care and Visitor Services

    Highways Maintenance (Brickwork and Amenity Paving)

    Image Capture and Assembly

    Image Carrier Production

    Information and Library Services

    Installation of Glass Supporting Structures

    Installing and Commissioning Machinery and Equipment

    Insurance (Life Offices)

    Insurance (Life)

    Interior Design

    Kiln Operators (Vitrified Clay Products)

    Land Drilling

    Livestock Markets (Droving Livestock)


    Lubricants Plant Operations

    Maintaining and Conserving Rivers, Coasts and Waterways

    Maintaining Automotive Vehicles

    Maintaining Electricity Generation Systems

    Maintaining Fire Extinguishing Equipment

    Manufacture Jewellery and Related Products

    Marine Operations (Harbour-based)

    Materials Preparation

    Mechanical Engineering Services (Drinks Dispensing Systems)

    Mechanical Engineering Services: Heating and Ventilating--Installation

    Mechanical Engineering Services: Heating and Ventilating--Maintenance of System Components

    Mining Operations

    Mixed Farming

    Monitoring the Water Environment

    Offshore Drilling Operations

    Operating and Controlling Power Station Systems (Fossil-Fired)--Coal Plant Operation

    Operating Minilab Equipment

    Optical Support Services

    Paper Manufacturing

    Parking Control


    Plant Operations--Bored or Driven Works (Construction)

    Plastics Processing Operations (Blow Moulding)

    Plastics Processing Operations (Blown Film)

11 Jan 1999 : Column WA46

    Plastics Processing Operations (Compression Moulding)

    Plastics Processing Operations (Continuous Substrate Coating)

    Plastics Processing Operations (Fibre Reinforced Plastic Laminating)

    Plastics Processing Operations (Film Conversion)

    Plastics Processing Operations (Polymer Compounding)

    Plastics Processing Operations (Thermoforming)

    Port Passenger Operations

    Poultry Production

    Process Manufacture (Chemicals)

    Process Operation (Man-made Fibres and Film)

    Process Operations (Carbon and Graphite Products)

    Process Operations (Refractories)

    Process Operations (Vitrified Clay Products)

    Producing Surface Coatings (Powder)

    Product Design

    Production of Precast Concrete

    Properties Storage

    Provide Energy Efficiency Services

    Providing Insulation Services

    Providing Air Passenger Ticketing Services

    Providing Airside Ramp Services

    Radiation Protection Support

    Rail Transport (Signal Operations)

    Rail Transport--Shunting

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Communication)

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Electrification)

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Permanent Way)

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Plant)

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Signal Fault Finding)

    Rail Transport Engineering Maintenance (Signals)

    Records Services

    Refractory Installations (Construction)

    Remedial Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing (Construction)

    Removal of Hazardous Waste (Asbestos)

    Retail and Leisure Security

    Retail Sales Delivery

    Retailing (Delicatessen)

    Retailing (Electrical)

    Retailing (Furnishing)

    Retailing (Hardware)

    Retailing (Office Systems and Stationery)

    Retailing (The Retailing Certificate)


11 Jan 1999 : Column WA47


    Screen Printing (Machine Printing)

    Screen Printing (Origination)

    Sea Fishing

    Servicing Office Information Technology Equipment and Systems

    Servicing Software (Support Centre)

    Set Dressing


    Single Ply Roofing (Construction)

    Software Delivery

    Special Needs Housing

    Sport and Recreation (Sport and Play Installations)

    Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations--Activity Leadership

    Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations--Operational Services

    Stagecraft (Flying)

    Stagecraft (Scenic Fabrication)

    Steelfixing (Construction)

    Steeplejacking (Construction)

    Stock, Process and Supply Steel and Metal Products

    Studio Operations (Video Tape Operating)

    Surface Pattern Textile Design


    Tobacco Processing

    Travel Services (Field Operations)

    Underpinning Operations (Construction)

    Veterinary Nursing

    Water Services Operations--Distribution Control


    Wire Rope Making

    Wood Preserving--Industrial Pre-Treatment (Construction)


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