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20 Apr 1999 : Column WA149

Written Answers

Tuesday, 20th April 1999.

Libya: Suspension of UN Sanctions

Lord Peston asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What steps have been taken by the United Kingdom and the European Union to implement the suspension of United Nations sanctions against Libya.[HL2050]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean): UN sanctions against Libya imposed by Security Council Resolutions 748 and 883 were suspended on 5 April, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1192 (1998), immediately the UN Secretary-General reported that the two Lockerbie accused had been delivered for trial before the Scottish court established in the Netherlands and that the Libyan Government had satisfied the French judicial authorities with regard to the bombing of UTA 772. The prohibition on payment of performance bonds in paragraph 8 of Resolution 883 remains in operation.

The provisions of those resolutions were implemented in the UK by restrictions imposed in the Libya (United Nations Prohibition of Flights) Order 1992, the Libya (United Nations Sanctions) Order 1993, the Libya (United Nations Sanctions) (Channel Islands) Order 1993 and the Libya (United Nations Sanctions) (Isle of Man) Order 1993. In accordance with Article 1(2) of each order, its operation was accordingly suspended; Article 13 of the three 1993 orders, which imposes restrictions on the payment of bonds given in respect of contracts whose performance had been affected by the suspended provisions of the orders, and the provisions in those orders relating to the enforcement of Article 13, remain in operation. Details of the suspension of UN sanctions and of the orders have been published in a notice in the London Gazette on 12 April and the Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes on 9 April. Action is in hand to gazette the suspension of the relevant provisions of the orders implementing the UN sanctions in the Overseas Territories.

On 16 April, the Council of the EU adopted a Common Position (7318/99) suspending the measures taken against Libya by the EU in response to UN Security Council Resolutions 748 and 883.

The Common Position also specified that the measures agreed by member states in 1986 in response to Libya's general implication in terrorism should remain in force (these measures are an arms embargo; restrictions on the freedom of movement of Libyan diplomats and consular personnel; reduction of the staff of diplomatic and consular missions; and stricter visa requirements and procedures). The Common Position will be reviewed in the light of the UN Secretary-General's report on Libyan compliance

20 Apr 1999 : Column WA150

with the remaining provisions of UN Security Council Resolutions 731 and 748, in particular Libyan renunciation of terrorism.

The Common Position does not affect Regulation 3275/93, which prohibits the satisfying of claims with regard to contracts and transactions the performance of which was affected by UN sanctions. Based on this Common Position, the EC adopted a regulation suspending the application of Regulation 3274/93 which prevented the supply of certain goods and services to Libya.

In addition to the EU measures against Libya agreed in 1986, national controls on the supply of aircraft, aircraft parts and flight simulators to Libya under the provisions of Dual-Use and Related Goods (Export Control) Regulation 1996, as amended, remain in force.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will be issuing a press release on the suspension of EU sanctions against Libya.

Autism: Incidence

Lord Clement-Jones asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether in England, in the annual schools' census conducted by virtue of Section 92 of the Education Act 1944, they will follow the example of the Scottish Office in its 1998 school census and include a question on the incidence of autism; and, if not, why not.[HL1972]

The Minister of State, Department for Education and Employment (Baroness Blackstone): Provisions now consolidated in the Education Act 1996 require schools to submit information on numbers of pupils with special educational needs. In accordance with a recommendation of the Warnock Committee, there is no requirement for them to record the nature of such pupils' disability or learning difficulty and we have no current intention to require them to do so.

The Severn Tunnel

The Earl of Haddington asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they have considered or will consider "listing" the Severn rail tunnel as a building or structure of historic importance.[HL1769]

Lord McIntosh of Haringey: The Severn Tunnel has never been considered for listing. However, we will ask English Heritage, our statutory advisers on listing matters, for an assessment as to whether it is of sufficient architectural or historic interest to be listed. I will let the noble Lord know the decision as soon as possible.

20 Apr 1999 : Column WA151

National Lottery: Distribution of Grants to Charities

Baroness Macleod of Borve asked Her Majesty's Government:

    How long the organisers of the National Lottery take to disburse money to charities.[HL1757]

Lord McIntosh of Haringey: There are 12 Lottery distributors, each of which will make some grants to charities. However, the National Lottery Charities Board (NLCB) was set up specifically to distribute National Lottery funds allocated for expenditure by charities and organisations established for charitable, benevolent or philanthropic purposes.

The NLCB runs a number of different grant programmes to suit different organisations and projects. Currently the main grant programmes are Community Involvement and Poverty and Disadvantage. They are continuous grant programmes--with no deadline for applications--with grants announced regularly. Eligible organisations applying for funding from NLCB should hear the outcome of an application within three to four months of the NLCB receiving the completed application for its main grant programmes, and two months for small grants and the joint distributor Awards for All small grants scheme. Other specialist grant programmes for Health and Social Research and International grants operate with closing dates and may take around five to six months for results to be announced.

Once a grant is offered, and the successful organisation accepts the NLCB's terms and conditions of grant, the payment of the grant is arranged to coincide with the start date of the project. Most grants are then paid quarterly in advance. The NLCB monitors all projects which it funds.

Museums and Galleries: Choice of Trustees

The Earl of Carlisle asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they consider that there should be greater transparency over the appointment of trustees to the national museums and galleries; and[HL1703]

    What trustee appointments are made by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to each of the national museums and galleries.[HL1704]

Lord McIntosh of Haringey: All appointments to the national museums and galleries made by my right honourable friend the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, or on which my right honourable friend advises either my right honourable friend the Prime Minister or, via the Prime Minister, Her Majesty the Queen, follow the Code of Practice and Guidance on appointments issued in 1996 (and revised in 1998) by the Commissioner for Public Appointments. These procedures were designed to embrace the principles of appointment on merit and openness and transparency.

20 Apr 1999 : Column WA152

The following table shows where responsibility for each current appointment rests.

Sponsored body and role Title First name Surname Appointed by
British Museum
TrusteeMr.NicholasBarberPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.GillianBeerPrime Minister
TrusteeSirJohnBoydPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.EarnestBrownePrime Minister
TrusteeSirMatthewFarrerPrime Minister
TrusteeHRHRichardGloucesterHM The Queen
TrusteeSirMichaelHopkinsPrime Minister
TrusteeSirJosephHotungPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.AllenJonesRoyal Academy
TrusteeLordRenfrew ofKaimsthornSociety of Antiquaries
TrusteeProf.MartinKempPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.SimonKeswickPrime Minister
TrusteeSirSir JohnMorganPrime Minister
TrusteeRt. Hon.TimothyRaisonPrime Minister
TrusteeSirMartinReesPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.JeanThomasRoyal Society
TrusteeSirKeithThomasBritish Academy
Imperial War Museum
TrusteeMsKathrynAdieSoS DCMS
TrusteeHECherylCarolusGovt. South Africa
TrusteeMr.PhilipFloodGovt. Australia
TrusteeSirJosephGilbertPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.PaulEastGovt. New Zealand
TrusteeHELalitMansinghGovt. India
TrusteeMr.RogerJacklingSoS For Defence
TrusteeHRHThe Duke ofKentHM The Queen
TrusteeMr.RoyMacLarenGovt. Canada
TrusteeSirWilliamPurvesPrime Minister
TrusteeHEMianSameeGovt. Pakistan
TrusteeMr.DennisSilkPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.GeorgeSinclairPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.IanSmartSoS FCO
TrusteeLadyMarinaVaizeyPrime Minister
TrusteeDr.LalitJayawardeneGovt. Sri Lanka
TrusteeGeneralPeterde la BillierePrime Minister
National Gallery
TrusteeProf.DawnAdesTate Gallery
TrusteeLadyElizabethBinghamPrime Minister
TrusteeSirEwenFergussonPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.RobertGavronPrime Minister
TrusteeLadyPatriciaHopkinsPrime Minister
TrusteeDr.DavidLandauPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.ChristopherLe BrunPrime Minister
TrusteeLadyElizabethMonckPrime Minister
TrusteeSirMarkRichmondPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.RaymondSeitzPrime Minister
TrusteeSirColinSouthgatePrime Minister
National Maritime Museum
TrusteeMr.VictorBenjaminPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.JohnBrookesPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.AlastairCouperPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.IanDahlPrime Minister
TrusteeHRHThe Duke ofEdinburghPrime Minister
TrusteeSirRobinKnox-JohnstonPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.RaymondMilesPrime Minister
TrusteeDr.PaulMurdinPrime Minister
TrusteeSirJohnOswaldPrime Minister
TrusteeMissElizabethPurvesPrime Minister
TrusteeMrs.CoralSamuelPrime Minister
TrusteeHRHThe Duke ofYorkPrime Minister
National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside
ChairmanMr.DavidMcDonnellSoS DCMS
TrusteeMrs.VoirreyBranthwaiteSoS DCMS
TrusteeEarlEdwardDerbySoS DCMS
TrusteeBaronessGloriaHooperSoS DCMS
TrusteeProf.MichaelKauffmannSoS DCMS
TrusteeDr.JanetKearSoS DCMS
TrusteeProf.PrestonKingSoS DCMS
TrusteeProf.JohnLastSoS DCMS
TrusteeMr.GrahamMarshSoS DCMS
TrusteeViscountessJoannaMerseySoS DCMS
TrusteeProf.DavidMolyneuxSoS DCMS
TrusteeProf.AnnStrathernSoS DCMS
TrusteeProf.JohnTarnSoS DCMS
TrusteeLady MarinaVaizeySoS DCMS
TrusteeMr.AlanWaterworthSoS DCMS
TrusteeSirDavidWilsonSoS DCMS
National Museum of Science and Industry
ChairmanSirPeterWilliamsPrime Minister
TrusteeDr.MaryArcherPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.GregoryDykePrime Minister
TrusteeProf.SusanGreenfieldPrime Minister
TrusteeDr.CatherineGrocockPrime Minister
TrusteeMrs.AnitaHighamPrime Minister
TrusteeMrs.JoannaKennedyPrime Minister
TrusteeHRHThe Duke ofKentPrime Minister
TrusteeDr.NathanMyrhvoldPrime Minister
TrusteeDr.BridgetOgilviePrime Minister
TrusteeLordDavidPuttnamPrime Minister
TrusteeSirMichaelQuinlanPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.DavidRaynerPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.MichaelRichardsPrime Minister
TrusteeSirChristopherWatesPrime Minister
Tate Gallery
TrusteeMr.PeterDoigPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.DawnAdesPrime Minister
TrusteeMsVictoriaBarnsleyPrime Minister
TrusteeSirRichardCarew PolePrime Minister
TrusteeProf.MichaelCraig-MartinPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.JenniferLattoPrime Minister
TrusteeSirChristopherMallabyPrime Minister
TrusteeSirMarkRichmondNational Gallery
TrusteeMr.JohnStudzinskiPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.WilliamWoodrowPrime Minister
TrusteeHon.Janetde BottonPrime Minister
Victoria & Albert Museum
ChairmanMrs.PaulaRidleyPrime Minister
TrusteeMsNinaCampbellPrime Minister
TrusteeVis.PenelopeCobhamPrime Minister
TrusteeLadyDianaCopisarowPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.RodneyFitchPrime Minister
TrusteeSirTerenceHeiserPrime Minister
TrusteeMrs.AnneHeseltinePrime Minister
TrusteeMr.AltonIrbyPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.IanScottPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.AntonySnowPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.JohnSteerPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.AlanWheatleyPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.ChristoperWhitePrime Minister
National Portrait Gallery
TrusteeMr.MaxHastingsPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.NorbertLyntonPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.ColinMatthewPrime Minister
TrusteeLordBrianMorrisPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.TomPhillipsPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.the EarlRussellPrime Minister
TrusteeSirDavidScholeyPrime Minister
TrusteeMrs.ClaireTomalinPrime Minister
TrusteeLadyWinifredTumimPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.JohnTusaPrime Minister
TrusteeBaronessJaneWilloughby de EresbyPrime Minister
Natural History Museum
ChairmanProf.Sir RonaldOxburgh KBETrustees*
TrusteeMsJanaBennettPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.MichaelHassellPrime Minister
TrusteeProf.ChristopherLeaverSoS DCMS
TrusteeMissJudithMayhewPrime Minister
TrusteeDameAnneMcLarenPrime Minister
TrusteeMr. OliverStockenPrime Minister
TrusteeSirRichardSykesPrime Minister
TrusteeSirCrispinTickellPrime Minister
Royal Armouries
ChairmanViscountGeorgeYoungerSoS DCMS
MemberProf.JohnChildsSoS DCMS
MemberLadyJanetCookseySoS DCMS
MemberMrs.AnnGreenSoS DCMS
MemberLordPeterIngeSoS For Defence
MemberMr.GeoffreyLewisSoS DCMS
MemberSirBlairStewart-WilsonHM The Queen
MemberMr.RichardWhiteleySoS DCMS
Wallace Collection
ChairmanMr.John HenryLewisTrustees*
TrusteeThe LordEgremont andLeconfield DLPrime Minister
TrusteeDr.JenniferMontaguPrime Minister
TrusteeMr.JamesJollPrime Minister
TrusteeLadyShawStewartPrime Minister
TrusteeSirGeoffreyde BellaiguePrime Minister
* The Chairmen of these bodies are elected to post by the trustees from within the existing membership. These Chairmen were all originally appointed by the Prime Minister as trustees.

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