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Police Officer Deaths

Lord Mackay of Ardbrecknish asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Bassam of Brighton: The Home Office does not hold information on how many police officers' deaths were attributable to their police service. However, police forces are required to notify the regional Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Home Office of details of officers who die whilst on duty. This information is given in the table.

Number of Police Officers who have died whilst on duty for the years 1994-1998

6Four road traffic accidents, one stabbing and one heart attack whilst baton training
4Three road traffic accidents and one shooting
8Seven road traffic accidents and one heart attack in the office
4Three road traffic accidents and one stabbing
6Four road traffic accidents, one found collapsed in office and one helicopter crash

10 Nov 1999 : Column WA176

Immigration Act Detainees

Lord Hylton asked Her Majesty's Government:

    How many persons, as a total detained under the Immigration Acts, were held pending deportation at the last date for which figures are available.[HL4605]

Lord Bassam of Brighton: As at 30 September 1999, the latest available date, a total of 985 persons were detained solely under Immigration Act powers. That figure is a snapshot and covers persons detained under such powers in immigration detention centres and prisons in the United Kingdom but, other than at Dover, excludes persons detained in police cells.

Regrettably, information on the number of those persons who were held pending removal, under port, deportation or illegal entry procedures, is only available at disproportionate cost.

Stabled Horses: Overnight Supervision

Lord Rowallan asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether leaving stabled horses unsupervised overnight complies with animal safety laws.[HL4638]

Lord Bassam of Brighton : I am not aware of any statutory requirement that horses stabled overnight should be supervised.

It is, however, an offence to cause any domestic or captive animal unnecessary suffering: to abandon any animal--whether permanently or not--in circumstances likely to cause it suffering: and to tether a horse in such manner or conditions as to cause it unnecessary suffering.

10 Nov 1999 : Column WA177

Conditions attached to licences issued by local authorities for riding establishments relate to equine welfare and safety, and could include, so far as necessary, a requirement that horses are visited at suitable intervals.

Firearms Registers: Computerised Records

Lord Marlesford asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Which police forces in the United Kingdom hold their registers of privately held firearms and persons holding firearm certificates on (a) the Integrating Business and Information Systems (IBIS) system, (b) the Shogun system, (c) other electronic systems and (d) manual systems.[HL4559]

Lord Bassam of Brighton: This information is not held centrally. I understand that the following forces use or have purchased ORBIS:












    North Wales




    South Wales

    South Yorkshire





    Thames Valley


    West Midlands

The following forces use or have purchased SHOGUN:

    Avon and Somerset

    Central Scotland

10 Nov 1999 : Column WA178


    Devon and Cornwall

    Dumfries and Galloway




    Greater Manchester





    North Yorkshire

    West Yorkshire


The following forces use other electronic systems:

    City of London





    Lothian and Borders



    Royal Ulster Constabulary



    West Mercia

There are no completely manual systems in use.

Asylum Applications: Decisions

Lord Mackay of Ardbrecknish asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Further to the Written Answer by the Lord Bassam of Brighton on 19 October (WA 112), for each month of this year what was the total number of applications for asylum; and how many were (a) at the port of entry and (b) in country; and how many applicants were (a) granted asylum, (b) granted exceptional leave to remain, (c) refused and (d) deported.[HL4577]

Lord Bassam of Brighton: The requested information is given in the tables. Information on the number of asylum applications and decisions taken in 1999 can be found on the Home Office Internet site at

Applications received for asylum in the United Kingdom, excluding dependants, by location of application, and decisions, by month.1
United Kingdom Number of principal applicants

Month Applications received Decisions2,3
Cases considered under normal procedures Backlog clearance exercise
Recognised Not Refusals GrantedRefused on
Total applicationsApplied at portApplied in countryTotal decisionsas a refugee and granted asylum5recognised as a refugee but granted exceptional leave5Total refused5Refused asylum and exceptional leave after full consideration5Refused on safe third country grounds5Refused on non-compliance grounds4,5exceptional leave under backlog criteria5,7,8non-compliance grounds under backlog criteria5,7,9
Jan6,+4,7002,2002,50099515 (2%)135 (24%)425 (74%)225 (40%)190 (33%)5 (1%)420 (100%)- (0%)
Feb64,1851,8002,3851,27535 (4%)110 (15%)600 (81%)380 (51%)190 (26%)25 (4%)535 (100%)- (0%)
Mar65,0601,9053,1501,85575 (8%)150 (16%)710 (76%)470 (50%)205 (22%)35 (4%)915 (99%)10 (1%)
Apr4,9051,8703,0353,045890 (44%)355 (17%)785 (39%)595 (29%)170 (8%)20 (1%)1,010 (99%)5 (1%)
May5,3702,3603,0154,1852,235 (74%)190 (6%)590 (20%)455 (15%)105 (3%)30 (1%)1,150 (98%)20 (2%)
Jun6,1302,6403,4904,680 p2,155 p (63%)150 p (4%)1,100 p (32%)930 p (27%)140 (4%)35 p (1%)1,210 (95%)65 (5%)
Jul6,4402,9803,4552,940 p610 p (39%)105 p (7%)865 p (55%)645 p (41%)185 (12%)35 p (2%)1,275 (94%)85 (6%)
Aug7,1202,7404,3753,075 p245 p (17%)200 p (14%)990 p (69%)640 p (45%)100 (7%)250 p (17%)1,380 (84%)265 (16%)
Sep7,3552,6454,7102,680 p245 p (18%)205 p (15%)915 p (67%)745 p (55%)100 (7%)70 p (5%)910 (69%)405 (31%)

p Provisional figures.

1 Figures (other than percentages) rounded to the nearest 5. n/a=not applicable.

2 Decisions do not necessarily relate to applications made in the same period.

3 Information is of initial determination decisions, excluding the outcome of appeals or other subsequent decisions.

4 Paragraph 340 (paragraph 180F prior to 1 October 1994) of the Immigration Rules, for failure to provide evidence to support the asylum claim within a reasonable period, including failure to respond to invitation to interview to establish identity.

5 Percentage for cases considered under normal procedures and those within the backlog clearance exercise, are calculated separately.

6 Decision figures for December 1998 to March 1999 are low due to significant interruption to the casework operation during the transition of IND staff to Integrated Caseworking. This interruption also affects a small proportion of in-country applications in December 1998 and January 1999 which have been estimated.

7 Cases decided under pragmatic measures aimed at reducing the pre 1996 asylum application backlog.

8 Includes a small number of cases where asylum has been granted.

9 Includes a small number of cases where the application has been refused on substantive grounds.

10 Port figures for January 1999 are estimated and subject to revision.

10 Nov 1999 : Column WA179

10 Nov 1999 : Column WA179

Removals and voluntary departures of asylum applicants, excluding dependents, by month, 1999

Port Removals1, pIn Country Removals2, pTotal Removalsp
Grand Total3,6751,9665,641

1 Includes any voluntary departure up to and including notification of the decision on asylum application but excludes any subsequent departure.

2 Includes removals under enforcement powers and those departing voluntarily following enforcement action but excludes all other voluntary departures.

p Provisional.

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