House of Lords Record Office - Report for 1993 - continued

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The Clerk of the Records acknowledges with thanks the receipt of reports and other publications, on an exchange basis, from the following institutions :

Australian Archives
Birmingham Archives Service
British Library, Oriental and India Office Collections
Buckinghamshire Record Office
Cambridgeshire County Record Offices
Canadian High Commission
Church of England Record Centre
Clwyd Record Office
Dyfed Archives Service
Gloucestershire Record Office
Kent C.C. Heritage Services Group
Lambeth Palace Library
North Yorkshire County Record Office
Princeton University Art Museum
Public Record Office
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts
Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
Scottish Record Office
Staffordshire Archive Service
Suffolk Record Office
Tyne & Wear Archives Service
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Walsall Local History Centre
Welsh Political Archive

The Clerk of the Records also acknowledges with gratitude the receipt of the following books, offprints and other publications :

Valerie Bloomfield, Resources for Canadian Studies in Britain with some reference to Europe (British Association for Canadian Studies, 2nd edn., 1983); Catherine Bowler and Peter Brimblecombe, Comparative Pollution History of the City of Westminster and Damage to Buildings of Cultural Importance (School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, 1990); Jeremy Gibson, Poor Law Union Records, vols. 1-4, and Land and Window Tax Assessments, and Record Offices: how to find them, 6th edn. (Federation of Family History Societies, 1993); Gwyn de Jong, Index to Oxfordshire Protestation Oath Returns 1641/2 (Oxfordshire Family History Society, 1993); Keith Grieves, `Sir Eric Geddes, Lloyd George and the transport problem, 1918-21', Journal of Transport History, vol. 13, no.1 (1992); W Johnson, `Benjamin Robins during 1739-1742: "called to a publick employment .... a very honorable post"', The Royal Society, Notes Received (1994), and `Benjamin Robins: anonymous pamphlets and reports of 1739-1742, shortly summarized', International Journal of Mechanical Science, vol. 36, no.2 (1994); The Houses of Parliament (Mandolin Puzzles); John Miller, An English Absolutism? the later Stuart monarchy 1660-88 (Historical Association, 1993); John Pollard, `Influence of the Tramways Act 1870 on municipal operation', Tramway Review, vol. 19, no.152 (1992); Grant Purves, Speakers of the Senate (Library of Parliament, Ottawa, 1988); Donald Read, The power of news: the history of Reuters 1849-1989, O.U.P. (1992); John Sheail, `Sewering the English suburbs: an inter-war perspective', Journal of Historical Geography, vol. 19, no.2 (1993); Proceres y Senadores 1834-1923 and Senadores 1977-1993 (Spanish Senate, Department of Archives, 1993); Adrian Webb, Act for raising money for maintenance of forces in 1647 (booklet, 1994); Donald E Wilkes, A calendar of Habeas Corpus proceedings in the House of Lords of the High Court of Parliament 1603-1716 (draft); John Wilson, `Life saving medals in the House of Commons medal collection', Life Saving Awards Research Society Journal, no.20 (1994).



The list of accessions which follows constitutes the 23rd annual supplement to the Guide to the Records of Parliament (HMSO, 1971). Items marked with an asterisk are not yet accessible to the public and are, in the main, subject to the thirty year rule.


Clerk of the Parliaments' Office:

    Office files 1969-93 (36 items) *

Black Rod's Office:

    Office files 1949-93 (55 items)*, papers 1963-86 (1 box)*, photographs of Sir Brian Horrocks, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod (6 items)

Judicial Office:

    Judgements 1966-84 (19 vols.), Appeal committee books 1966-84 (19 vols.), Appeal committee memoranda 1930-33, 1964-84 (14 vols.), Appeal cases 1991 (43 vols.), 1992 (36 vols.)

Public Bill Office:

    Original Acts 1992 (61 items)
    Bill files and House Bills 1991-92

Private Bill Office:

    Original Acts 1992 (21 items)

    House Bills 1992

    Bill files (101 boxes and 1 photograph album), plans (30 items) 1960-66, 1981-93

Transport and Works Act Orders:

    Order and plan

Committee Office: *

    European Communities Select Committee and sub-committees A, B, C, D, E and F: records 1988-93 (15 boxes)

    House of Lords' Offices Select Committee (Library and Computers sub-committee): records 1976-91 (6 boxes)

    Science and Technology Select Committee and sub-committees I, II and III: records 1985-93 (11 boxes)

Journal and Information Office:

    Main papers 1990-91 (33 boxes), 1991-92 (69 bundles), 1992-93 (187 bundles), 1993- 94 (10 bundles)

    Manuscript minutes 1991-92 (2 boxes)

    Printed minutes 1991-92 (1 vol.), 1992-93 (3 vols.)

    Journal 1991-92

    Sessional statistics 1992-93, annual statistics 1992 (2 items)

Parliament Office Papers:

    Judicial papers 19th-20th cent (3 files) *

    The working of the House of Lords: minutes of a meeting of peers convened by Lord Alport on 3 March 1971, with related correspondence (1 file) *

    Drawings 1992-93 by David Gentleman for the seal of the Corporate Officer of the House of Lords (1 file)

Office of the Leader of the House and Chief Whip:

    Office files 1962-93 (99 items) *


Clerk of the House:

    Office files 1934-1990 (21 boxes) *

House of Commons Commission:

    Files 1978-92 (4 boxes) *

Public Bill Office:

    Files 1964-73 (9 items) *

Private Bill Office:

    Bill files (31 items) and plans (13 items) 1989-93

Committee Office: *

    Agriculture committee: records 1987-94 (36 files)

    Catering committee: records 1993-94 (1 file)

    Defence committee: records 1992-93 (1 file)

    Education committee: records 1992-93 (2 files)

    Education, Science and Arts committee: records 1990-91 (26 files)

    Employment committee: records 1979-93 (44 files)

    Energy committee: records 1987-92 (160 files)

    Environment committee: records 1979-93 (50 files)

    European Legislation committee: records 1974-92 (303 files and 12 boxes)

    Expenditure committee (General sub-committee): records 1975-78 (3 box files and 1 file)

    Health committee: records 1992-93 (5 files)

    Home Affairs committee: records 1988-94 (62 files)

    House of Commons (Services) committee: records 1966-91 (9 boxes)

    Information committee: records 1993-94 (1 file)

    Members' expenses: records 1953-54 (1 file)

    National Heritage committee: records 1992-93 (4 files)

    Public Accounts committee: records 1993-94 (1 file)

    Science and Technology committee: records 1992-93 (1 file)

    Scottish Affairs committee: records 1992-93 (1 file)

    Services committee: records 1973-92 (30 boxes)

    Social Security committee: records 1991-93 (10 files)

    Trade and Industry committee: records 1979-94 (126 files)

    Transport committee: records 1983-92 (128 files)

    Treasury and Civil Service committee: records 1982-93 (77 files)

    Welsh Affairs committee: records 1984-93 (36 files)


    Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (UK branch):

      Records 1943-82.


<14 autograph items 1552-1848.

Presented as a gift by the Viscount Mersey (Hist. Coll. 25 addnl.).

3 items 17th cent, incl speech by Charles II to both Houses of Parliament, 5 June 1675.

Purchased (Hist. Coll. 374).

26 items 1639-c1671 from the Manchester MSS.

Purchased (Hist. Coll. 67 addnl.).

Copy petition and address of Edward, 1st Earl of Clarendon 1667.

Purchased (Hist. Coll. 375).

Lord Lucas' Speech in the House of Peers, 22 Feb. 1670/1 (pamphlet, 1673)

An Account of a Dream at Harwich (pamphlet, 1708)

Presented as a gift (Hist. Coll. 377).

Shorthand notebook of the trial of Warren Hastings for days 1, 2 and 3 (13-15 February 1788).

Deposited by the Librarian, House of Commons (Hist. Coll. 367 addnl.).

Parliamentary Diary 1821 of Henry Grey Bennet MP (1 vol.).

Purchased (Hist. Coll. 379).

Note from Sir David Dundas to Sir Denis Le Marchant 1848.

Purchased (Hist. Coll. 380).

Printed minutes of evidence, Batley Corporation Water Bill 1871 (House of Lords), Stockport Corporation Water Bill 1901 (House of Commons); printed items rel. to Grangemouth Water Order 1903.

Purchased (Hist. Coll. 381).

Collections of papers rel. to the Bristol Extension Bills of 1895 and 1897 (2 vols.).

Purchased (Hist. Coll. 378).

Letters patent and grants of arms and supporters to Baron Burghclere of Walden, 1895.

Presented as a gift (Hist. Coll. 373).

Parliamentary Press Gallery papers 1918-19, 1932-68 (3 files). Presented as a gift by Mr S Robinson (Hist. Coll. 134/PG/ROB).

Correspondence relating to the resignation of Bonar Law and the 1922 general election; letter from Margot Asquith to L P Jacks 10 November 1923.

Purchased (Hist. Coll. 371, 372).

Personal and parliamentary papers 1967-93 of Lord Shackleton (50 files). *

Presented as a gift (Hist. Coll. 125 addnl.).


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Prepared: 12 January 1999