House of Lords Record Office - Report for 1994 - continued

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The Clerk of the Records acknowledges with thanks the receipt of reports and other publications from the following institutions :

Australian Archives
Bank of England
Buckinghamshire Record Office
Canadian High Commission
Dyfed Archives Service
East Sussex Record Office
Birmingham Archives Service
Bodleian Library
British Library, Oriental and India Office Collections
St Andrews University
Singapore National Archives
Staffordshire Archive Service
Clwyd Record Office
Hereford and Worcester Record Office
Hertfordshire Record Office
Lambeth Palace Library
Leicestershire Record Office
London, Corporation of
Gloucestershire Record Office
Princeton University Art Museum
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts
Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England
Welsh Political Archive
West Yorkshire Archive Service

The Clerk of the Records also acknowledges with gratitude the receipt of the following books, offprints and other publications :

    L.Conlon, The Heritage of Collon 1764-1984 (Collon, Ireland, 1984);

    C.J.L.Elwell, "Black Country Gas: Early Days - A Preliminary Survey" in The Blackcountryman, vol. 27, nos. 3 and 4 (1994);

    P.J.Geraghty, A Heritage in Stone: The Life and Career of Architect John Murray (1994);

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    V. Harrison, "The signatures on the walls of Queen's House, Linton, Cambridgeshire" in Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, vol. 58, pt. 218 (1994);

    G.Jenkins and J.G.Jones, Lord Cledwyn Papers (National Library of Wales, 1994);

    J.D.Pearson (ed.), A Guide to Manuscripts and Documents in the British Isles relating to Africa (1994);

    Peter Schindler (ed.), Datenhandbuch zur Geschichte des Deutschen Bundestages 1983 bis 1991 (Wissenschaftliche Dienste des Deutschen Bundestages, 1994).



The list of accessions which follows constitutes the 24th annual supplement to the Guide to the Records of Parliament (HMSO, 1971). Items marked with an asterisk are not yet accessible to the public and are, in the main, subject to the thirty year rule.

House of Lords

Clerk of the Parliaments' Office: Records 1991-94 (4 files)*

Committee Office: European Communities Select Committee and Sub-Committees A, B, D, E: 19 boxes 1992-94 Medical Ethics Select Committee: 5 boxes 1992-94 Science and Technology Select Committee and Sub-Committee 1: 6 boxes 1990-94

Journal and Information Office: Main Papers 1992-93, 1993-94 (45 bundles) Manuscript minutes 1992-93 (6 boxes) Printed minutes 1993-94 (3 vols.) Journal 1992-93 Sessional statistics 1993-94, annual statistics 1993, 1994 (3 items)

Judicial Office: Appeal cases 1993 (34 vols.)

Leader of the House and Chief Whip: Records 1945-94 (70 files)*

Library: Deposited papers 1987-94

Parliament Office: Peers' War Memorial Fund papers 1971-76 (1 file)*

Private Bill Office: Original Acts 1993, 1994 House Bills 1993, 1994 Plans 1988-93 Transport and Works Act Orders and plans 1994-95

Public Bill Office: Original Acts 1993 Bill files 1992-93 House Bills 1992-93

Registry: Overseas and European Office papers 1978 (1 file)*

Staff Superintendent: Notice concerning sick leave 1934

House of Commons

Committee Office: (only memoranda reported but not printed open to public inspection)

    Accommodation and Works Committee: 1 file 1994-95
    Agriculture Committee: 1 file 1993-94
    Defence Committee: 1 file 1994-95
    Education Committee: 5 files 1992-95
    Employment Committee: 3 files 1993-95
    Environment Committee: 7 files 1992-94
    European Legislation Committee: 461 files 1969-92
    Foreign Affairs Committee: 2 files 1993-94
    Health Committee: 3 files 1993-95
    Home Affairs Committee: 2 files 1993-94
    Members' Interests Committee: 3 boxes and 2 files 1975-90
    Motor Mileage Allowance Enquiry: 1 file 1984
    Public Accounts Committee: 1 file 1993-94
    Science and Technology Committee: 3 files 1993-94
    Scottish Affairs Committee: 1 file 1993-94
    Services Committee: 21 boxes 1968-92
    Social Security Committee: 1 file 1994-95
    Trade and Industry Committee: 14 files 1992-95
    Treasury and Civil Service Committee: 2 files 1993-95
    Welsh Affairs Committee: 5 files 1993-95

Establishments Office: Records 1935-93 (454 files)*

House of Commons Commission: Records 1979-90 (3 boxes)*

Leader of the House: Records 1961-91 (244 files and 34 boxes)*

Parliamentary Works Directorate:* Records 1868-93 (c.2,000 files and 10 boxes)

Private Bill Office: Bill papers and plans 1984-94

Public Bill Office: Lords Bills not passed in the House of Commons 1991-92 (5 items), 1992-93 (7 items)

Speaker's Office: Records 1937-88 (2 files)*

House of Lords Record Office Historical CollectionsTreatise

17th century concerning the Office of Lord Chancellor. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 388).

6 items 1613-60 from the Manchester MSS. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 67, addnl. 4-5).

Letters 1639, 1642 from Sir Thomas Widdrington, Speaker of the House of Commons 1656-58, to Lord Fairfax. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 393).

Papers 19th century of Robert Lowe, Viscount Sherbrooke. Presented by Mr R.Sneyd (Hist. Coll. 383).

Horsham election committee proceedings 1807. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 386).

Declaration of 8 February 1810 made by Hon. G.Berkeley relating to his nephew Viscount Dursley. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 384).

Letters to Lord John Russell from S.R.Fox 1819, 1835. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 390).

Autograph parliamentary question submitted by W.E.Gladstone and directed to the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. ND. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 389).

Travel journal 1874-1943 of Rahno Walker (née Aitken). Hist. Coll. 385.

Note by C.S.Parnell 1888. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 382).

Bristol Corporation Bill records 1906. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 392).

Video relating to Tony Benn MP. Hist. Coll. 387.

Transcript of BL, Egerton MS. 2652, ff. 45-6. Presented by Dr C.Thompson (Hist. Coll. 391).


Parliamentary Debates (Hansard), House of Lords, 1979-92 (129 vols.)Presented by Lady Wakehurst.

Printed Private Acts relating to the Duchy of Cornwall.Presented by the Duchy of Cornwall Office.


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Prepared: 15 February 1999