House of Lords Record Office - Report for 1995 - continued

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To provide an effective records management and archive service for both Houses of Parliament and to make the records of Parliament available to the public for study.


    1. To ensure that all the official records of both Houses of Parliament which are worthy of permanent retention are preserved.

    2. To acquire and preserve other records of Parliamentary interest.

    3. To provide sufficient accommodation to preserve the records in accordance with recognised professional standards.

    4. To ensure that all records preserved receive the conservation they need.

    5. To provide effective user services to support the work of Parliament and to facilitate public access to the records.

    6. To promote awareness of the history and records of Parliament.

    7. To administer the office efficiently and economically to make the best use of all its resources, including staff.



The Clerk of the Records acknowledges with thanks the receipt of reports and other publications from the following institutions:

    Australian Archives
    Bank of England
    Birmingham City Archives
    Bodleian Library
    British Library Oriental and India Office Collections
    Buckinghamshire Record Office
    Canadian High Commission
    Clwyd Record Office
    Dyfed Archives Service
    East Sussex Record Office
    Gloucestershire Record Office
    Hertfordshire Record Office
    Lambeth Palace Library
    London, Corporation of
    Northamptonshire Record Office
    Northern Ireland, Public Record Office of
    Princeton University Art Museum
    Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts
    Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
    St. Andrews University
    Scottish Record Office
    Singapore National Archives
    Slovenia International Institute for Archival Science
    Southampton University Parkes Library
    Staffordshire Archive Service
    Suffolk Record Office
    Welsh Political Archive
    West Yorkshire Archive Service

The Clerk of the Records also acknowledges with gratitude the receipt of the following books, off-prints and other publications:

    D. Eshkol (ed.), The Knesset - The House of Representatives (1994)

    European Commission Secretariat General, Archives in the European Union (1994)
    E. A. Fry, `The Wiltshire Protestation Returns of 1641-2' (Wiltshire Notes and Queries, 1911-13), presented by J. Gibson

    J. Gibson, Oxfordshire and North Berkshire Protestation Returns and Tax Assessments 1641-42 (Oxfordshire Record Society, 1994), and The Protestation Returns
    1641-42 (Federation of Family History Societies, 1995)

    M. C. Lowe, `The Exeter Turnpike Trust, 1753-1884' (Rep. Trans. Devon. Ass. Advmt. Sci., No. 127, 1995)

    A. N. Rigg, Cumbria, Slavery and the Textile Industrial Revolution (1995)

    Verein Deutscher Archivare, Parliaments - und Parteistiftungarchivare Berichten (Fachgruppe 6, Mitteilungen No. 19, 1993)

    C. W. Wickersham and G. H. Montague, The Olive Branch (New York Public Library 1954), presented by S. Howard Goldman.



The list of accessions which follows constitutes the 25th annual supplement to the Guide to the Records of Parliament (HMSO, 1971). Items marked with an asterisk are subject to public access restrictions.

House of Lords

Black Rod's Office:
Records 1890-1994 (187 files)*
State Opening papers 1959-90*

Chairman of Committees Office:
Photographs of Peers 20th cent (1 album)

Clerk of the Parliaments' Office:
Records 1971-95 (48 files)*

Committee Office:
Committee for Privileges: Farnham Peerage Case papers
European Communities Committee and Sub-Committees A, B, C, D, E &
1996 Inter-Governmental Conference: 23 boxes 1992-95 and 21 vols. 1974-84
Science and Technology Committee, Sub-Committees I & II: 9 boxes 1990-95
Sustainable Development Committee: 4 boxes 1993-95

Establishment Office:
Records 1966-95 (5 boxes)*

Journal and Information Office:
Main Papers 1993-94, 1994-95 (272 bundles and 14 plans)
Manuscript minutes 1993-94 (2 boxes)
Sessional statistics 1994-95
Annual statistics 1995

Judicial Office:
Appeal cases 1994 (34 vols.)
Petitions of appeal and index 1992-94
Petitions for leave to appeal 1993-94

Leader of the House and Chief Whip:
Records 1960-94 (57 files)*

Private Bill Office:
Unopposed Bill Committee proceedings 1956-77 (21 vols.)
Bill files 1987-94 (67 boxes) and 3 plans 1990-91, 1992-93
Channel Tunnel rail link plans and papers (18 boxes and 1 bundle)
Scottish provisional orders 1984-89 (11 boxes)
Transport and Works Act orders and plans 1995 (7 items)
Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments records 1991-95 (27 boxes)

Public Bill Office:
Original Acts 1994
Bill files 1993-94
House Bills 1993-94
Special Public Bill Committee papers 1993-95 (3 boxes)

Reading Clerk:
Records 1988-94 (1 file)*

Record Office:
Record of searchers 1981-94 (3 vols.)

Staff Superintendent:
Records 1951-75 (1 file)*

House of Commons

Committee Office: (* but memoranda reported but not printed open to public inspection)

    Agriculture Committee: 5 files 1994-95
    Defence Committee: 2 files 1994-96
    Deregulation Committee: 1 file 1995-96
    Employment Committee: 10 files 1992-96
    Environment Committee: 9 files 1994-96
    Education Committee: 1 box and 37 files 1991-96
    European Legislation Committee: 626 files 1987-95
    Foreign Affairs Committee: 1 file 1994-95
    Health Committee: 9 files 1994-96
    Home Affairs Committee: 8 files 1990-95
    Information Committee: 1 file 1994-95
    Members' Interests Committee: 7 boxes 1987-90
    National Heritage Committee: 4 files 1993-96
    Northern Ireland Affairs Committee: 1 file 1994-95
    Procedure Committee: 17 boxes 1966-92
    Public Accounts Committee: 4 files 1994-96
    Science and Technology Committee: 1 file 1995-96
    Scottish Affairs Committee: 8 boxes and 4 files 1983-96
    Social Security Committee: 5 files 1993-95
    Trade and Industry Committee: 4 boxes and 54 files 1971-96
    Transport Committee: 1 file 1994-95
    Treasury and Civil Service Committee: 4 files 1994-96
    Welsh Affairs Committee: 3 files 1994-96

Journal Office:
Minute Book pages 1990-94 (5 boxes)
Indexes to votes 1937-49 (10 vols.)
Election return books 1945-83 (12 vols.)
Journal 1993-94 (1 vol.), 1994-95 (1 vol.)

Leader of the House:
Records 1963-79 (39 boxes)*

Unprinted Papers 1989-92 (168 boxes)

Parliamentary Works Directorate:
Files, plans, reports and correspondence 1923-1988*

Public Bill Office:
Lords' Bills not passed in the Commons 1993-94 (5 items)
Guillotine motion files 1947-82 (2 boxes)

Private Bill Office: Bill papers 1988-93 and plans 1986-91

Ways and Means Office:
Standing Orders Committee papers 1906-91 (4 files)
Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) papers 1922-66 (2 files)
Joint and Select Committees on Statutory Instruments papers 1987-94 (36 files)

House of Lords Record Office Historical Collections

Papers 1640 relating to the Scottish Commissioners (5 items). Purchased (Hist. Coll. 397).

Circular letter from Lord Chancellor Heneage Finch to peers 10 December 1678. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 404).

Notebook 18th century relating to the Wilkes affair. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 394).

Accounts 1770 relating to stationery etc. supplied to the House of Commons. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 400).

Letter 9 May 1786 concerning parliamentary business and Speaker's dinner card 13 May 1874. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 399).

Le Marchant family papers 19th century, including correspondence and papers of Sir Francis Le Marchant deposited by Sir Francis Le Marchant. (Hist. Coll. 398).

Election indenture 1802 between the Sheriff and the freeholders of Devon. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 405).

Printed circular letter 1814 including text of petition to the House of Commons from Catholics of Great Britain. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 403).

Letter from Sir Samuel Romilly M.P. 3 February 1816. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 401).

Typescript copies of letters from sons of the Speaker Sir Charles Manners Sutton October 1834. Deposited by the Speaker's Office (Hist. Coll. 407).

Copy of a letter from T. C. Hansard to J. Jarratt 21 February 1889. (Hist. Coll. 395).

Letters patent and grant of arms 20th century of Baron Goodman of Westminster. Placed on permanent loan by Miss C. Miller (Hist. Coll. 396).

Correspondence and papers 1982-94 of Baron Shackleton of Burley (23 files)*. Presented by Lady Shackleton (Hist. Coll. 125 additional).

Architectural Archive

Photographs of two late 16th century plans of the cloisters adjoining Westminster Hall (The Marquess of Salisbury).

38 Engravings from the Illustrated London News and other 19th century periodicals (Purchased).

Photographs of designs for Norman Shaw North and South Buildings (Royal Academy of Arts and RIBA Drawings Collection, 33 items).

Photogrammetric survey of interior and exterior of Palace of Westminster by Plowman Craven & Associates. 1974-95 (15 vols.).


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Prepared: 15 February 1999