House of Lords Record Office - Report for 1996 - continued

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The Clerk of the Records acknowledges with thanks the receipt of reports and other publications from the following institutions:

    Australian Archives
    Birmingham City Archives
    Bodleian Library
    Canadian High Commission
    Central Office of Information
    Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
    East Sussex Record Office
    Gloucestershire Record Office
    Hereford and Worcester Record Office
    Kent County Council Arts and Libraries
    Lambeth Palace Library
    Leicestershire Record Office
    Northern Ireland, Public Record Office of
    Princeton University Art Museum
    Royal Collection Trust
    Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts
    Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
    St. Andrews University
    Scottish Record Office
    Southampton University Parkes Library
    Suffolk Record Office
    Welsh Political Archive

The Clerk of the Records also acknowledges with gratitude the receipt of the following books, off-prints and other publications:

Federation of Family History Societies:

J. Gibson & E. Hampson, Marriage, Census and other Indexes for Family Historians (6th edn., 1996)

J. Gibson & P. Peskett, Record Offices: How to find them (7th edn., 1996)

J. Gibson, The Hearth Tax other later Stuart Lists and the Association Oath Rolls (2nd edn., 1996)

John Hilton, 'A Sevenoaks Church Rate Riot', in Bygone Kent, vol. 18, no. 3
Verlag Klaus Laaser, Marburg, presented by Marburg School of Archives
Andrew Lycett, Ian Fleming: the Man behind James Bond (1995)
Gregory P. Marchildon, Profits and Politics: Beaverbrook and the Gilded Age of Canadian Finance (University of Toronto Press, 1996)
Menne-Haritz, Akten, Vorgange und electronische Burosysteme

Kenneth O. Morgan, ' Steady as She Goes: Writing the Biography of Lord Callaghan' (The James Callaghan Lecture)

S. Schieren, Von Weltreich zum Weltstaat: Philip Kerrs (Lord Lothian) Weg vom Imperialisten zum Internationalisten 1905-1925 (London, 1996)
Robert Smith and John S. Moore, The House of Commons: Seven Hundred Years of British Tradition (Manorial Society of Great Britain, 1996)



The list of accessions which follows constitutes the 26th annual supplement to the Guide to the Records of Parliament (HMSO, 1971). Items marked with an asterisk are subject to public access restrictions.


House of Lords

Accountant's Office:
Records 1892-1979 (6 files)*

Black Rod's Office:
Records 1936-96 (211 files)*

Chairman of Committees' Office:
Records 1982-87 (1 file)*

Clerk of the Parliaments' Office:
Records 1977-90 (55 files)*

Committee Office:
European Communities Committee: 2 boxes 1993-94, 1994-95; Sub-Committee B
5 boxes 1993-95, 1 file 1995-96; Sub-Committee E 1 file 1995-96
Science and Technology Committee: 2 boxes 1991-96; Sub-Committee I 9 boxes 1994-95, 1995-96; Sub-Committee II 7 boxes 1994-95, 1995-96
Select Committee on Relations between Central and Local Government: 5 boxes 1995-96
British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body, Committee D: 2 boxes 1993-94

Establishment Office:
Records 1973-91 (1 box)*

Journal and Information Office:
Main Papers 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96 (c200 bundles)
Printed minutes 1994-95 (3 vols.)
Journals 1993-94, 1994-95
Sessional statistics 1995-96, 1996-97, annual statistics 1996
Printed list of peers, 7 October 1975

Judicial Office:
Appeal case papers 1986 (1 vol.), Appeal Cases 1995 (42 vols.)
Grey of Codnor peerage claim papers (Mr. S. W. P. V. Fletcher)

Deposited papers*

Private Bill Office:
Original Acts 1995
House Bills 1995
Certified Proofs 1995
House Bills 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93 (withdrawn etc.)
Transport and Works Act Order and plans 1996
Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments 1995-96 (7 boxes)

Public Bill Office:
Original Acts 1995
House Bills 1994-95
Bill files 1994-95

Reading Clerk:
Corporate Deeds and Papers 1996 (3 items and 1 vol.)*

Record Office:
Records 1978-93 (136 files)*

Refreshment Department:
Records 20th century (2 boxes)*


House of Commons

Committee Office: *(but memoranda reported but not printed open to public inspection)

Papers of the following Committees:

    Agriculture: 2 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    Employment: 14 boxes 1983-96
    Environment: 9 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    European Legislation: 507 files 1975-96
    Foreign Affairs: 4 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    Health: 7 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    Home Affairs: 8 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    National Heritage: 3 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    Northern Ireland Affairs: 1 file 1996-97
    Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration: 12 boxes 1965-68, 1980-93, 1 file 1996-97
    Procedure: 2 files 1996-97
    Public Accounts: 29 boxes 1979-94
    Public Services: 2 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    Science and Technology: 1 file 1996-97
    Scottish Affairs: 6 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    Social Security: 2 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    Trade and Industry: 4 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    Treasury: 8 files 1995-96, 1996-97
    Welsh Affairs: 6 files 1995-96, 1996-97

House of Commons Commission:
Records 1976-95 (10 boxes)*

Journal Office:
Minute Book pages 1995-96 (1 box)
Journal 1995-96

Unprinted Papers 1992-93 (c220 boxes)

Parliamentary Works Directorate:
Records 1914-94 (44 files)*

Private Bill Office:
Bill papers and plans 1987-96, including Channel Tunnel Rail Link Bill records
(18 boxes, three plan boxes, 4 plan rolls)

Public Bill Office:
Lords' Bills not passed in the Commons 1994-95 (10 items), Commons' Bill
1994-95 (Lords' amendments not considered)

Speaker's Office:
Records 1860-1994 (265 files)*


Historical Collections

Letter from John Crewe to the Earl of Manchester, 9 September [1644]. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 67 (addnl.)).

Petition to the Earl of Manchester from John Jackson, c1660. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 67 (addnl.)).

Letter of 1670 from the Mayor of Canterbury and 16 others concerning a petition to the House of Commons against the import of foreign silk. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 414).

Copy of House of Lords protest against the Septennial Bill, 1716. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 417).

Treasury Order of 2 July 1723 relating to printing of House of Commons Committee Report on Christopher Layer. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 413).

Letter from George Treby MP, 9 February 1733/4. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 406).

Letter from the Earl of Suffolk, 22 January 1771. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 408).

Proxy deed of Lord Sommers, 13 February 1815. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 412).

Photographs of the chambers of the House of Lords and House of Commons by James Valentine c1900 (2 items). Purchased (Hist. Coll. 418).

Letter from 1st Viscount Hailsham, 4 September 1930. Presented by Mr. P. Moyse (Hist. Coll. 411).

Photographic prints relating to Lord Beaverbrook (8 items). Deposited by Anne Chisholm (Hist. Coll. 410).

Video tape of 'Secret Lives: Beaverbrook' broadcast on Channel 4 on 2 December 1996 (Hist. Coll. 415).

Correspondence and papers 1947-87 relating to John Parker MP.* Presented by Mr. P. Fanner (Hist. Coll. 409).

Miscellaneous items 1954-56 relating to the Parliamentary Association for World Government. Presented by the Tate Gallery Archive (Hist. Coll. 416).


House of Commons Library Manuscripts

Invitation to a private view from F. Carruthers Gould, June 1899. Deposited by the House of Commons Library.


Architectural Archive

Photocopies of letters from E. M. Barry to John Hardman & Co., 1860-70 (Birmingham City Archives, Central Library).

Photographs, drawings, papers 1989-94 relating to stone cleaning and restoration of the Victoria Tower and the south elevation of the Houses of Parliament (Weatherill Green and Smith).

Photographs relating to Westminster Hall, 1996 (Parliamentary Works Directorate).


© Parliamentary copyright 1999
Prepared: 17 February 1999