House of Lords Record Office - Report for 1997 - continued

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The Clerk of the Parliaments acknowledges with thanks the receipt of reports and other publications from the following institutions:

Australian Archives
Birmingham City Archives
Bodleian Library
British Library (Oriental & India Office Collections)
Canadian High Commission
East Sussex Record Office
Flintshire Record Office
Gloucestershire Record Office
Hereford and Worcester Record Office
Hertfordshire Record Office
Lambeth Palace Library
London Metropolitan Archives
Northern Ireland, Public Record Office of
Princeton University Art Museum
Royal Collection Trust
Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts
Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
Scottish Record Office
Singapore, National Archives of
Staffordshire Archive Service
Welsh Political Archive
West Yorkshire Archive Service

The Clerk of the Records also acknowledges with gratitude the receipt of the following books, off-prints and other publications:

Maria S. Corciulo (ed.), Contributi all Storia Parlamentare Europea. Studies presented to the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions, vol. LXXVIII (Camerino, 1996)

J. R. Clube, 'The Boulton Family of Thorncroft Manor 1763-1828', Leatherhead and District Local History Society Proceedings (1997)

R. W. Davis, General Editor, The Making of Modern Freedom (Stanford, California)

R. W. Davis (ed.), The Origins of Modern Freedom in the West (1995)

J. H. Hexter (ed.), Parliament and Liberty from the Reign of Elizabeth to the English Civil War (1992)

P. T. Hoffman and K. Norberg (ed.), Fiscal Crises, Liberty and Representative Government 1450-1789 (1994)

J. R. Jones (ed.), Liberty Secured? Britain before and after 1688 (1992)

D. J. French, 'Manors of Arborfield and Barkham - transcribed from documents at the House of Lords Record Office' (typescript, 1997)

Jeremy Gibson, General Editor, Federation of Family History Societies

Jeremy Gibson and Mervyn Medlycott, Local Census Listings 1522-1930 - Holdings in the British Isles, 3rd edn., 1997

Jeremy Gibson and Colin Rogers, Coroners' Records in England and Wales, 2nd edn., 1997

Jeremy Gibson, Bishops' Transcripts and Marriage Licences, Bonds and Allegations - A Guide to their Location and Indexes, 4th edn., 1997

Dennis Griffiths, Newspaper Yearbook 1997

J. Graham Jones, Catalogue of the A. J. Sylvester Papers (National Library of Wales, 1997)

Chris R. Kyle, ' "All that come are to have Voice": an Analysis of House of Commons Committees in Early Stuart England' (typescript, 1998)

William C. Mills, 'The Chamberlain-Grandi Conversations of July-August 1937 and the Appeasement of Italy', International History Review, vol. XIX (1997)

Kees Van Strien, 'Owen Felltham's "A Brief Character of the Low-Countries": a survey of the texts, English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700 (British Library, 1998)

Francesco Soddu, L'Amministrazione Interna del Senato Regio: 1. Dallo Statuto albertino alla crisi di fine secolo (Sassari, 1992)



The list of accessions which follows constitutes the 27th annual supplement to the Guide to the Records of Parliament (HMSO, 1971). Items marked with an asterisk are subject to public access restrictions. Some administrative records will be destroyed in accordance with agreed retention periods.

House of Lords

Black Rod's Office:
Records 1952-97 (18 files and 3 vols.)*

Chairman of Committees' Office:
Records 1968-96 (43 files and 1 box)*

Clerk of the Parliaments' Office:
Records 1929-97 (6 boxes and 3 files)*

Clerk Assistant's Office:
Lord Chancellor's briefs 1984-95 (1 box)
Files and papers 1972-87
Committee Office:

Records of the following committees:*

Delegated Powers and Deregulation Committee: 7 boxes 1994-97
European Communities Committee: 1 box 1973-97; Sub-Committee A 4 boxes 1995-96, 1996-97; Sub-Committee B 4 boxes 1995-96, 1996-97; Sub-Committee C 3 boxes 1995-96; Sub-Committee D 2 boxes 1995-96; Sub-Committee E 5 boxes 1995-
96, 1996-97
Finance and Staff Sub-Committee: 1 file 1974-81
Library and Computers Sub-Committee: 1 box 1992-94
Science and Technology Committee: 1 box 1973-97; Sub-Committee II 2 boxes 1996-97
Select Committee on the Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Bill: 1 box 1995-96

Editor of Debates:
Records 1985-93 incl. legal case files (6 boxes) *

Internal Auditor:
Reports and papers 1980-92 (2 boxes) *

Journal and Information Office:
Files of the Clerk of the Journals 1962-94 (6 boxes) *
Main Papers 1996-97, 1997-98 (110 bundles)
Printing numbers (Bills & Papers) 1987-97 (2 vols.)
Manuscript Minutes 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97 (5 boxes)
Printed minutes 1995-96, 1996-97 (5 vols.)
Journal 1995-96
Test Roll 1992-1997 Parliament
Writs of summons for the 1992-1997 Parliament (3 bundles)
Leave of absence papers 1992-1997 Parliament

Judicial Office:
Appeal cases 1996 (34 vols.)
Petitions for leave to appeal and of appeal 1995 (1 box)

Private Bill Office:
Transport and Works Act Orders and plans/sections 1997

Public Bill Office:
Bill files 1996 Acts
House Bills 1995-96
Certified proofs 1995

Record Office:
Files 1994-97 (3 boxes) *
Santobrite removal project records (Plowden & Smith) 1994-97

Refreshment Department:
Superintendent's files 20th cent (3 boxes) *
Finance papers 1990-97 (13 boxes) *

House of Commons

Committee Office:

Records of the following committees: * (but memoranda reported but not printed open to public inspection)

Accommodation and Works Committee: 4 boxes & 1 envelope 1978-97 (incl. Services Committee)
Administration Committee: 1 box 1991-97
Agriculture Committee: 5 boxes & 17 files 1984-98
Catering Committee: 2 boxes 1992-97
Culture, Media and Sport Committee (National Heritage Committee): 12 boxes & 3 files 1992-98
Defence Committee: 30 boxes and 1 file 1979-97
Deregulation Committee: 8 boxes 1995-96
Education and Employment Committee: 4 boxes & 6 files 1994-97
Environment Committee: 16 boxes & 3 files 1982-97
Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee: 2 files 1997-98; Environment Sub-Committee 4 files 1997-98
European Legislation Committee: 8 boxes & 459 files 1973-95
Foreign Affairs Committee: 25 boxes 1987-97
Home Affairs Committee: 1 file 1997-98
Information Committee: 2 boxes 1980-96 (incl. Services Committee)
Liaison Committee: 4 boxes 1980-90
Modernisation of the House of Commons Committee: 1 file 1997-98
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee: 4 boxes & 2 files 1993-98
Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration Committee: 3 boxes 1993-95
Procedure Committee: 7 boxes & 1 file 1977-78, 1992-97
Public Accounts Committee: 3 files 1997-98
Science & Technology Committee: 4 boxes 1992-97
Scottish Affairs Committee: 5 boxes & 1 file 1993-97
Social Security Committee: 21 boxes & 7 files 1991-98
Standards and Privileges Committee: 1 file 1996-97
Trade and Industry Committee: 18 boxes & 1 file 1979-97
Transport Committee: 10 boxes 1988-97
Treasury Committee: 1 file 1997-98
Welsh Affairs Committee: 9 boxes & 2 files 1982-97

Journal Office:
Minute Book pages 1994-95, 1996-97
Journal 1996-97

Overseas Office:
Records 1928-88 (118 boxes) *

Parliamentary Works Directorate:
Records 1870-1986 (6 boxes, 4 files & 2 vols.) *
Plans 20th cent relating to stone cleaning (c150 items)

Private Bill Office:
Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act 1936 order papers 1983-89
Special Procedure Order papers 1985-96

Public Bill Office:
Lords' Bills not passed in the Commons 1995-96 (6 items)
Lords' Bills not passed in the Commons 1996-97 (8 items)
Test Roll for the 1992-1997 Parliament

Registrar of Members' Interests:
Records 1990-92 (2 boxes) *

Historical Collections

Accounts 1745-46 relating to the purchase of stationery etc for Arthur Onslow, Speaker of the House of Commons. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 424).

Letter from John Mitford, Speaker of the House of Commons, 28 May 1801 concerning a House of Commons Select Committee report on the rebuilding of London Bridge. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 425).

Papers including 2 letters from Frances Rickman to her sister Anne of 17 and 20 October 1834 describing the fire which destroyed the Houses of Parliament. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 422).

Architectural drawings made in Charles Barry's office relating to the Palace of Westminster, 1841-45. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 115).

Railway map of England and Wales 1846. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 420).

Correspondence and papers 1857-1911 of Meredith White Townsend, Editor of The Spectator. Presented by The Spectator (Hist. Coll. 423).

Postcard from Vicary Gibbs to A. B. Beaven, 10 April 1911 concerning an entry in the revised edition of the Complete Peerage. Presented by Mr P. H. Hardacre (Hist. Coll. 426).

Correspondence and papers 1922-57 of Earl Jowitt. Presented by Lady Wynn-Williams (Hist. Coll. 421).

Album of photographs of Winston Churchill's visit to Norway, May 1948. Presented by the House of Commons Library (Hist. Coll. 419).

Two photographs 1962-64 of Lord Beaverbrook. Presented by Mr C. Vines (Beaverbrook addnl.).

Letters 1969-83 from A. J. P. Taylor to Eva Haraszti Taylor.* Purchased (Hist. Coll. 355 addnl.).

Papers 1976-88 of Sir John Biggs-Davison.* Presented by Miss Lisl Biggs-Davison (Hist. Coll. 101 addnl.).

A contemporary MS. volume of 'Copies of the speeches and occurrences this last Parliament 1624'. Presented by Jonathan Pepler, Chester Record Office (Hist. Coll. 428).

House of Commons Library Manuscripts

Correspondence and papers 1947-90 of Sir John Tilney MP. HC Library MS. 118.

Audio-visual Collection

Videotape of state opening of Parliament, May 1997. Presented by the Supervisor of Parliamentary Broadcasting, House of Commons.


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Prepared: 15 February 1999