House of Lords Record Office - Report for 1998 - continued

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The Clerk of the Records acknowledges with thanks the receipt of reports and other publications from the following institutions:

Bank of England Archive
Birmingham City Archives
Bodleian Library
Canadian High Commission
East Sussex County Council
Flintshire Record Office
Gloucestershire Record Office
Hereford & Worcester Record Office
Lambeth Palace Library
Leicestershire Record Office
London, Corporation of
London Metropolitan Archives
National Archives of Australia
Northern Ireland, Public Record Office of
Princeton University Art Museum
Public Record Office
Royal Collection Trust
Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts
Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
Scottish Record Office
Singapore, National Archives of
Welsh Political Archive
West Yorkshire Archive Service

The Clerk of the Records also acknowledges with gratitude receipt of the following books, off-prints and other publications from the authors and others:

Professor Yasushi Aoki, ‘Members of Parliament and their connections to constituencies in the

18th century: a study in quantitative political history’, Parliaments, Estates and Representation, Nov. 1998, pp 71-82

Christopher N Aubin, ‘The Perquages of Jersey: the sanctuary paths of legend’, Ann. Bull. Soc. Jersiaise 1997, 27(1), pp. 103-160

Keith Cameron, Doorkeepers of the House of Lords, 1641-1999 (typescript)

Le Carte e la Storia, Anno IV N1/1998 presented by Dr. Francesco Soddu

The Complete Peerage, Vol. XIV, Addenda and Corrigenda presented by Peter Hammond

Federation of Family History Societies

    Jeremy Gibson and Pamela Peskett, Record Offices How to find them - 8th edn 1998
    Jeremy Gibson, Mervyn Medlycott and Dennis Mills, Land and Window Tax Assessments, 2nd edn 1998
    Jeremy Gibson and Elizabeth Hampson, Marriage and Census Indexes for Family Historians, 7th edn 1998
    Jeremy Gibson and Elizabeth Hampson, Specialist Indexes for Family Historian,1998

presented by Jeremy Gibson

Guide to the Archives of the Bank of England presented by Graham Kentfield

The History of Parliament on CD-ROM presented by the History of Parliament Trust

Ralph Hyde, ‘Romeyn de Hooghe and the Funeral of the People’s Queen’, Print Quarterly, XV (1998), pp. 150-172

Inventario Dell’Assemblea Constituente (CD and book) presented by Dr. Barbara Cartocci

Professor Bernard S. Jackson, ‘Who Enacts Statutes?’, Statute Law Review, vol. 18, no. 3 (1997), pp. 177-207

Chris R Kyle and Michael A. R. Graves, ‘ "The Kinges most excellent majestie oute of his gracious disposicion": the evolution of grace bills in English parliaments, 1547-1642’, Parliaments, Estates and Representation, Nov. 1998, pp. 27-51

Luxembourg Palace (1992) and Le Jardin du Luxembourg (1992) presented by Philippe Cerez

Derry Moore and Clive Aslet, Inside the House of Lords (1998) presented by Lord Drogheda

Simon Morris, ‘The Marylebone & Finchley Road Turnpike 1820-1850’, Camden History Review, vol. 22 (1998)

National Library of Wales

    J. Graham Jones, Lord Ystwyth Papers
    J. Graham Jones, D. A. Thomas (Viscount Rhondda) papers
    Paul O’Leary, Viscount Tonypandy Papers

Allen Smith, Motorway Archive, Chapter 1, History (1999)

Government Publications, 1922-1960 (microfilms)

House of Commons Sessional Papers, 1975-1993 (microfiches) presented by the House of Commons Vote Office




The list of accessions which follows constitutes the 28th annual supplement to the Guide to the Records of Parliament (HMSO, 1971). Items marked with an asterisk are subject to public access restrictions. Some administrative records will be destroyed in accordance with agreed retention periods.

House of Lords

Accountant’s Office:

Staff appointment books and pension books 19th - 20th cent (3 vols.)*
Black Rod=s Office: Records 1924-1996 (6 files)*
Chairman of Committees Office: Records 1973-1997 (5 boxes)*
Clerk of the Parliaments= Office: Records 1932-1998 (4 boxes and 7 files)*
Committees: Records of the following committees: * European Communities Committee: Sub-Committee A 4 boxes 1997-1998,
Sub-Committee B 6 boxes 1997-1998, Sub-Committee C 5 boxes 1997-1998,
Sub-Committee D 3 boxes 1997-1998, Sub-Committee F 11 boxes 1996-1998
Science & Technology Committee, Sub-Committee I 1 box 1996-1997, 1 file 1997- 1998, Sub-Committee II 1 box 1997-1998
Privileges Committee: Moynihan peerage claim papers 1996-97
Select Committee on the Ceremony of Introduction: 1 file 1997-1998
Delegated Powers and Deregulation Committee: records 1997-1998
Works of Art Sub-Committee: 2 volumes 1971-1990

Computer Office: Office files 1984-1996 (7 boxes)*
Establishment Office: Records 1968-1994 (5 files)*
Journal and Information Office: Main Papers 1997-1998 (212 bundles)
Journal 1996-1997
Records relating to the Practice and Procedure Select Committee 1976-1978 (2 boxes)*

Judicial Office:
Petitions for leave to appeal and of appeal 1996

Private Bill Office:
Original Acts 1996, 1997
Transport and Works Act Order 1999

Public Bill Office
Original Acts 1996, 1997

Reading Clerk: Assignment 1998*
Record Office: Office files 1995-1998*

House of Commons

Committee Office: Records of the following committees: * (but memoranda reported but not printed open to public inspection)
Agriculture Committee: 12 files 1997-1999
Catering Committee: 3 files 1988-1991
Culture, Media and Sport Committee: 2 files 1997-1999
Education and Employment Committee: 8 files 1997-1998
Environment, Transport & Regional Affairs Committee, Transport sub-committee: 3 files 1997-1999
European Legislation Committee: 31 boxes 1985-1990
Foreign Affairs Committee: 15 files 1997-1999
Health Committee: 8 boxes and 9 files 1991-1999
Home Affairs Committee: 3 files 1997-1998
International Development Committee: 1 file 1998-1999
Procedure Committee: 1 file 1996
Public Accounts Committee: 36 boxes and 5 files 1983-1999
Science and Technology Committee: 2 files 1997-1998
Social Security Committee: 4 files 1997-1999
Standards and Privileges Committee: 1 file 1997-1998
Treasury Committee: 6 files 1997-98, 1998-1999
Welsh Affairs Committee: 3 file 1997-1999

Fees Office: Constituency maps 1973,1984 (2 rolls)
Journal Office: Records 1890-1988
Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards: Papers laid before the Standards and Privileges Committee 1997-1999 (9 boxes) *
Parliamentary Works Directorate: Records 20th century (22 boxes)*
Private Bill Office: Special Procedure Order papers 1975-1989
Public Bill Office: Bill Papers 1940-1952 (9 box files)
Records relating to Private Members’ Bills 1991-1992 (3 box files)

Parliamentary Groups

Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments: records 1982-1996 (5 boxes)*

Historical Collections

Fragment of clay pipe. Deposited by the Parliamentary Works Directorate (Hist. Coll. 427).

17th century MSS (2 items). Purchased (Hist. Coll. 429).

Parliamentary Notebook c1640. Purchased (Hist. Coll. 434).

Declaration of William, Prince of Orange 10 October 1688 (printed). Purchased (Hist. Coll. 432).

Copies of correspondence 1836-39 held by the French Senate concerning the exchange of parliamentary publications. Presented by Mr. P. Cerez (Hist. Coll. 430).

Papers 1891-1993 concerning Andrew Bonar Law and Mr B Sykes. Presented by Exors. of Mr B Sykes (Hist Coll. 433).

Daily Chronicle Investment Corporation Ltd minute book 1927-38. Deposited by Mr G Brudenell (Hist. Coll.428).

House of Commons Library Manuscripts

House of Commons votes 1706-07 (HC Library MS. 120).

Speech of Charles James Fox to the electors of Westminster in Westminster Hall, 1781 (HC Library MS. 123).

Papers 1939-45 concerning the Parliamentary Committee for Refugees. Presented by Mrs V.

Schaerli (HC Library MS. 122).

Caen Memorial Fund correspondence 1946-51 (HC Library MS. 121).

Architectural Archive

Copy of sale catalogue concerning auction of possessions of Viscount Canterbury, former Speaker of the House of Commons, 29 August 1835. Copied by permission of the House of Commons Library.

Photographs concerning stonework restoration, c1935. Deposited by the Parliamentary Works Directorate.

Correspondence 1952-59 concerning stained glass. Deposited by the Parliamentary Works Directorate.

Lithographs of designs for fresco decorations in the New Houses of Parliament, c.1843. Purchased.

Collection of Images

Slides of the Speaker, MPs, House of Lords Chamber, committees, staff, ceremonial occasions etc (700 items). Deposited by the Parliamentary Education Unit.

Audio-visual collection

Video of the introduction of Lord Sheppard of Liverpool, 28 April 1998.

Produced by the Vote Office Print Unit, House of Commons


© Parliamentary copyright 1999
Prepared: 15 February 1999