House of Lords Public Bill Sessional Statistics for Session 1998-99 Contents

Table 13: Special features

Bills printed pursuant to SO 48 (now 50)

Greater London Authority Commons Amdts printed pursuant to SO 50.
House of Lords Commons Reasons printed pursuant to SO 50.
Immigration and Asylum Bill Commons Reason and Amdt printed pursuant to SO 50.
Northern Ireland Printed pursuant to SO48

Queens Consent on Second Reading

House of Lords
Northern Ireland
Parliamentary Government

Bills re-committed

House of Lords Bill re-committed in respect of Clause 2 (the Weatherill Amdt)
Pollution Prevention and Control Re-commitment of whole Bill

Opposed stages

European Parliamentary Elections Reasoned Amdt declining to give bill a second reading agreed to on division, 167 - 73; 15/12/98.
Greater London Authority Motion to receive rpt debated 12/10/99; and again 19/10/99.
Health Reasoned (non-fatal) amt to 2a tabled by official opposition and withdrawn, 9/2/99.
House of Lords Reasoned (non-fatal) amt agreed to on 2a 192-126; motion to go into cwh debated 20/4/99: House resumed on division (145-136) on 6th day in cwh 17/5/99; bill passed on division: C221; NC81
Immigration and Asylum Bill Motion to receive rpt debated 18/10/99
Sexual Offences (Amendment) Dilatory (six-month) motion on 2a agreed to on division, C 222, NC 146 (free vote), 13/4/99
Tax Credits Amt tabled to motion to receive report to postpone report until HMG clarifies its intentions with regard to passported benefits: amt withdrawn after debate, 18/5/99.

Other special features

Title Special features

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty First PMB to be committed to a Grand Committee.
Consolidated Fund Enacted as Consolidated Fund (No. 2) Act
Consolidated Fund (No. 2) Enacted as the Consolidated Fund Act 1999
Consolidation Fund (Appropriation) Enacted as the Appropriation Act 1999
European Parliamentary Elections First Government Bill to be defeated at 2a since War Crimes 1991; Bill enacted under the Parliament Acts.
Greater London Authority Printed in 2 vols as amended on report; largest bill ever (other than consolidations and Finance bills); most amendments ever tabled to a bill in HL, and most ever agreed to; most Lords Amts ever sent back to HC (820).
House of Lords 2a - two days; Leader advised cwh of irrelevance of 2 amts (not moved) 20/4/99; motions to refer questions about the effect of the Bill (on the writ of summons and the Treaty of Union 1707) referred to the Committee for Privileges on divisions 27/7/99; backbench motions tabled in NDN to refer Bill to examiners in whole and in respect of the Weatherill Amdt (Clause 2), and motion to refer bill to Examiners rejected on division 20/10/99.
Immigration and Asylum Bill Govt undertook not to press on rpt amts which contained delegated powers until DPSC had considered them, & to return with new amts on 3a (18/10/99).
Northern Ireland Motion to go into cwh not moved 15/7/99 because HMG decided not to proceed with the Bill at that stage
Pollution Prevention and Control QC given on CCA because omitted on 3a.
Sexual Offences (Amendment) Second Government Bill to be defeated at 2a since War Crimes Act 1991
Trustee Delegation Sponsor changed from L. Chancellor to L. Falconer of Thoroton after 2a (which L. Falconer did).

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