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Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Twelfth Report

Academic and Academic-Related Staff Pay and Conditions Bill [HL]

20.  This private member's bill contains two substantive powers and a commencement power.

21.  Clause 1 provides for the establishment of a review body to consider statutory conditions of employment etc. of academic and academic-related staff. The review body reports to the Secretary of State who consults the bodies referred to in clause 2(1) and may then make an order (a "pay and conditions order") giving effect to the review body's recommendation or making such other provision as he thinks fit. The remaining provisions of clause 2 give further details of the power and the procedures. Under clause 2(8) a pay and conditions order is not subject to Parliamentary control if it gives effect to the review body's recommendations without material modification; if not, the order is subject to negative procedure.

22.  Clause 4(2) allows the Secretary of State to specify by order what payments or benefits are to be regarded as remuneration and what matters are to be regarded as professional duties. Such an order is to be a statutory instrument but is not made subject to Parliamentary control.


23.  There is nothing in the bill which the Committee wishes to draw to the attention of the House.

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