Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Twelfth Report



The following examples of triggers indicate either a failure of process or a failure of substance.

Failure of process:

  • Failure to consult or to consult adequately as identified by the external auditor.
  • Failure to produce a best value performance plan, or a failure to include any of the prescribed elements within it.
  • Failure to agree, publish, or carry out a programme of fundamental performance reviews in compliance with the statutory framework.
  • Unreasonable neglect of alternative options for service provision when conducting performance reviews.
  • Failure to set performance targets or publish details of performance against them.
  • Failure to set performance targets, which, in the opinion of the external auditor are sufficiently challenging.
  • Failure to publish details of how performance compares with that of others.
  • Failure to publish performance information as prescribed (in respect of content, form or timing).
  • Failure to make adequate information available to local people about the comparative performance of other bodies.

Failure of substance:

  • Failure to meet any single nationally prescribed standard of performance.
  • Failure to meet any locally set target for performance (or a second failure where the first was marginal).
  • Persistently high unit costs (by comparison with other councils) which are not satisfactorily accounted for by higher quality service or greater level of need.
  • Failure to improve service standards or a deterioration in standards.
  • Failure to draw up and implement an action plan following a critical inspection report.

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