Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Fourteenth Report


13.  In March 1999 the Cabinet Office issued a consultation document on its proposals to amend the Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994. The seven strands of the Government's proposals are as follows:

  • allowing a small increase in burdens on some parties if it removes a greater burden on others;
  • removing ambiguities in the law;
  • permitting restrictions to be removed from the regulators as well as the regulated to achieve more general "Better Government" objectives;
  • extending the power to regulations under the European Communities Act 1972;
  • permitting changes to restrictions imposed by common law;
  • extending the power to post 1994 legislation; and
  • permitting orders to be progressed if the committees issue reports before the end of the full 60 day initial scrutiny period.

The Government "envisage the revised power applying to all Westminster primary legislation, other than in areas for which the devolved administrations have responsibility, and regulations under the European Communities Act 1972."[13]

14.  The Committee heard oral evidence on the consultation paper from the Rt. Hon. Dr Jack Cunningham MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office. We are most grateful to Dr Cunningham for answering our questions so frankly, and for additional informal discussions. Dr Cunningham's evidence is referred to below by reference to particular question numbers (Q …) and is printed in full in the annex to this report.

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