Select Committee on European Communities Second Report - Written Evidence


Typical genetic markers for PCR detection of GM foods

MarkerGene targetGM Crops/food

Antibiotic resistanceKanamycin® (nptII) Several, inc. Tomato, oil seed rape, potato
Herbicide toleranceBar gene (BASTA tolerance) Oilseed rape
Genetic elementsCaM35S-promoter (P-35S) NOS 3'terminator Many, e.g., tomato, maize, soya
Many, e.g., tomato, maize, soya
Specific genetic modificationAnti-sense polygalacturonase
CaMV 35S promoter and
CP4 EPSPS gene
Tomato (Zeneca)
GM "Roundup Ready" Soya
GM Bt Maize
Synthetic Bt cryIA gene
PlantUniversal 18S rRNA (PUV) All plants
chlorplast rubisco (MAG) All plants
Seed storage gene (MDB) Brassica specific
maize high mobility protein Maize specific (?)
LectinSoya specific

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