Select Committee on European Communities Minutes of Evidence


Current ACRE members and expertise
Prof John Beringer1
Bristol UniversitySoil microbiology
Deputy Chairman
Prof David Onions1
Glasgow UniversityVeterinary pathology

Dr Phil Dale
John Innes Centre, NorwichPlant molecular biology
Dr Ian Garner1
Therapeutics, Roslin, EdinburghAnimal molecular biology
Prof Alan Gray1
Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Furzebrook, Dorset Ecology
Ms Julie Hill1
Green Alliance, LondonEnvironmental affairs
Dr Julian Kinderlerer1
Sheffield UniversityMolecular biology
Mr John MacLeod1
National Institute of Agricultural Botany Botany, plant breeding
Prof Bev Moseley1
Formerly at the Food Research Institute, Reading Food safety
Prof Nigel Poole1
Zeneca Seeds, BracknellPlant breeding
Dr David Robinson1
Scottish Crop Research Institute, Invergowrie, Dundee Plant virology
Dr Kate Venables1
Royal Brompton Hospital, LondonToxicology, allergenicity
Dr Ingrid Williams1
Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden Agricultural entomology

1 Various Government Departments have assessors on the committee. They include representatives from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF), Scottish Office (SO), Welsh Office (WO), Department of Environment—Northern Ireland (DoE—NI), Department of Health (DH), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Office of Science and Technology (OST), and Forestry Commission (FC).

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