Select Committee on European Communities Twentieth Report


Sub-Committee B (Energy, Industry and Transport)

  The members of the Sub-Committee which conducted this enquiry were:

    L. Berkeley
    L. Brooke of Alverthorpe
    V. Brookeborough
    L. Geddes (Chairman)
    L. Haslam
    L. Howell of Guildford
    L. Methuen
    L. Montague of Oxford
    B. O'Cathain
    L. Paul
    L. Sandberg
    L. Skelmersdale

    The Sub-Committee's Specialist Adviser was Dr Shobhana Madhavan, Director of the Centre for Business and the Environment at the University of Westminster.

  Members of the Sub-Committee declared the following interests in relation to this enquiry.

L. Berkeley — Chairman of Rail Freight Group and Adviser to Adtranz, both of which may have dealings with SMEs .
L. Brooke —Non-executive director of an SME in the finance sector.
V. Brookeborough —Owner/director of a micro business involved in agriculture and tourism in Northern Ireland.
L. Geddes —Non-executive chairman or non-executive director of a number of private SMEs in the service and finance sectors.
L. Montague of Oxford —Non-executive chairman or non-executive director of a number of public and private companies engaged in manufacturing, home development and display equipment, some of which are SMEs.
L. Paul —Chairman and beneficial owner of the Caparo Group, some subsidiary companies of which may fall into the category of SMEs.
L. Skelmersdale —Director of a family-run mail order micro business in the horticultural sector.

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