Select Committee on European Communities Twenty-Second Report


Glossary of acronyms and technical terms

ASSIArea of Special Scientific Interest (Northern Ireland)
BAPBiodiversity Action Plan
CAPCommon Agricultural Policy
CBDConvention on Biological Diversity
CCWCountryside Council for Wales
CEECsCentral and Eastern European Countries
CLACountry Landowners' Association
DETRDepartment of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
DGDirectorate-General (e.g. of the European Commission)
EEAEuropean Environment Agency
ETCNCEuropean Topic Centre on Nature Conservation
IEEPInstitute for European Environmental Policy
JNCCJoint Nature Conservation Committee
LIFEFinancial Instrument for the Environment (see paragraphs 59­61)
MAFFMinistry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Natura 2000EU network of Sites of Community Importance
NGONon-governmental organisation
NISNew Independent States (former USSR, excluding the Baltic States)
Objective 1Assistance to underdeveloped regions of the EU; one of the five objectives of the Structural Funds (applicable up to the end of 1999)[50]
PhareEU programme of technical assistance to the CEECs (qv)
REPSRural Environment Protection Scheme (Ireland)
RSPBRoyal Society for the Protection of Birds
SACSpecial Area of Conservation (Habitats Directive)
SCISite of Community Importance
SPASpecial Protection Area (Birds Directive)
SSSISite of Special Scientific Interest
TacisEU programme of technical assistance to the NIS (qv) and Mongolia (originally an acronym for "Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States")
WWFWorld Wide Fund for Nature

50   See ECC 11th Report, 1996-97, Reducing Disparities within the European Union: the Effectiveness of the Structural and Cohesion Funds, 18 March 1997, HL 64. Back

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