Select Committee on European Communities Third Report




Name of CommitteeLegal Basis TypeActivities in 1997
Aviation Safety Committee on harmonisation of technical requirements and administrative procedures in the field of civil aviation Reg.3922/91 (Article 12.1)IIIa Did not meet in 1997 (but updates the annexes to Reg.3922/91 and Directive 92/14).
Advisory Committee on access for Community air carriers to intra-Community air routes Reg.2408/92 (Article 11)I Did not meet in 1997 (but advises the Commission on application of the Regulation eg noise limits, traffic distribution rules).
Advisory Committee on specifications for procurement of air traffic management equipment and systems Directive 93/65/EECI Did not meet in 1997 (but responsible for agreeing mandatory technical specifications for the procurement of air traffic management equipment and systems in the Community).
Committee for Adaptation to Technical Progress of the Motor Vehicle Type Approval Framework Directive 92/53 Directive 92/53/EEC (Article 13)IIIa Met several times in 1997 to deal with amendments of a detailed technical or administrative nature, notably to the annexes of the Framework Directive and the provisions of the separate directives dealing with specific vehicle components.
Committee on the Technical Adaptation of Tacographs Reg.3821/85 (Article 18)IIIa Met once in 1997 to consider upgrading the existing tacograph requirements; tasked an organisation called ERTICO to consider some of the technical difficulties.
Advisory Committee on conditions under which non-resident carriers may operate national road passenger transport services within a Member State Reg.2454/92 (amended by Reg.12/98)I Met once in 1997 to deal with cabotage arrangements in passenger bus/coach services.
Advisory Committee on measures to be taken in the event of a crisis in the market for the carriage of goods by road Reg.3315/94 (amending Reg.3118/93).I Has never been convened.
Committee on the EC/Austria Agreement on the transit of goods by road and rail:—ecopoints for Heavy Goods Vehicles—EC/Austria Transit Committee Reg.3637/92 and Decision 92/577/EECIIIa, I Met three times during 1997. Deals, among other things, with transit rights for Heavy Goods Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes registered in a Member State transiting Austria.
Committee on the approximation of the laws with regard to the transport of dangerous goods Directive 94/55/ECIIIa Did not meet formally in 1997, but a `Group of Experts' did (it deals with the laws concerning the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail and inland waterway and any requirements for adaptation of existing EU legislation (Directives 94/55, 96/49, 95/50, 96/35, 96/86, 96/87)).
Advisory Committee on aids to transport by rail, road and inland waterway Reg.1107/70 (Article 6)I Did not meet in 1997 (but would discuss aid granted under Regulations 1107/70, 3578/92, 9463/95 and 9346/96).
Committee on the interoperability of the trans-European high speed rail network Directive 96/48/EC (Article 21)IIIb Met four times in 1997 to consider the technical requirements and costs associated with interoperability of the high speed rail network.
Committee on standards for ship inspections and survey organisations Directive 94/57/EC (Article 7)IIIa Met once in 1997 to consider matters relating to the recognition of professional organisations and administrative amendments to 94/57.
Committee on minimum requirements for vessels bound for or leaving Community ports and carrying dangerous or polluting goods Directive 93/75/EEC (Article 12)I Deals with technical amendments to Directive 93/75 and also to Directives 95/21 & 98/42 (port state control), 97/70 (fishing vessel safety), 96/98 (marine equipment), 98/18 (safety standards for passenger ships). Met once in 1997 to discuss amending 95/21 (now 98/55) and implementation of Directive 96/98.
Committee on transfer of ships between Community Registers Reg.613/91 (Article 6)IIIa Did not meet in 1997 (but discusses implementation of the Regulation ie when certificates should/should not be issued, in order that standards of maritime safety and environmental protection are maintained).
Committee on the minimum level of training for seafarers Directive 94/58/ECIIIa Discusses technical and administrative amendments to the Directive. Met once during 1997 to consider drafting an amending directive (now 98/35/EC).
Advisory Committee on unfair pricing practices in maritime transport Reg.4057/86IDid not meet in 1997 (but undertakes consultations regarding unfair pricing practices adopted by third country shipowners engaged in international cargo liner shipping which affect Community trade).
Committee on the reciprocal recognition of national boatmasters' certificates for the carriage of goods and passengers by inland waterway Directive 91/672/EECIIIa Did not meet in 1997 (responsible for considering amendments to the Directive and to Directives 96/75 on chartering and pricing in inland waterways and 96/50 on harmonisation of boatmasters' certificates).
Transport Programme Management Committee for the Fourth EU Framework Research & Development Programme Decision 94/914 (Article 6.2)IIIa Met five times in 1997 to monitor implementation, selection, evaluation and funding of projects. [See also Office of Science and Technology]
Statistical Programme CommitteeDecision 89/382/EEC IIbDid not meet in 1997 (but would consider measures to be taken in the gathering of statistical information in respect of Community road, rail and maritime activity).
Committee on trans-European transport networks Reg.2236/95IIIaMet twice in 1997 to assist the Commission in implementing the Regulation, laying down the general rules for the granting of Community financial aid in the field of trans-European transport networks.
Committee on transport infrastructureDecision 1692/96 IIIaMet twice during 1997 to assist the Commission in the preparation of its biennial report on the implementation of the guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network; and in the preparation of its quinquennial report on the need to adapt the guidelines.
Committee for the implementation of legislation relating to ambient air quality assessment and management Directive 96/62/ECIIIa This committee has not yet been called and therefore completed no work in 1997. Under the directive there is a requirement for a review of limit values in 2003, and this review may require the convening of this committee.
Committee on the monitoring mechanism of CO2 and other greenhouse gases Decision 93/389/EECIIIa Committee did not meet during 1997.
Committee on substances that deplete the ozone layer Regulation 594/91, modified by Regulation 3093/94 IIaCommittee met twice in 1997. It's function is to manage the Ozone Regulation and it discusses any difficulties in implementation of the Regulation or any infringements. On an annual basis the Committee decides on:
—import quotas for ozone depleting substances
—import quotas for central uses, uses exempt under the regulation and Montreal Protocol
—issues related to use control on HCFC's
—determines the allocation of quotas for HCFC's supply
Committee on the financial instrument for the environment (LIFE) Regulation 1973/92, modified by Regulation 1404/96 IIIaCommittee met 3 times in 1997 and activities included:
—Assessment of and voting for applications for LIFE programme in 1998
—agreement on an information strategy
—amendment of evaluation criteria for assessing applications.
Committee on the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora (CITES) Regulation 338/97/ECIIIa and IIIb Committee established to ensure a common approach to the regulation of trade in wild animals and plants, including implementation of the Convention on International Trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora. It met 6 times in 1997 and adopted commission regulations on:
—detailed administrative matters
—transcription into law of decisions taken at CITES conference that year
—matters connected with Council Regulation 3254/91 prohibiting the use of, and import of, furs from animals caught in leghold traps.
Committee for the directive on the incineration of hazardous waste Directive 94/67/EECIIIb This Committee met twice in 1997 and agreed a Council Decision setting emission limit value for dioxins of 0.1ng/m3 to be measured according to the emerging CEN standard. Current draft proposals for an EC Waste Incineration Directive include provision of assistance to the Commission of the same technical adaptation committee already established under the Hazardous Waste Incineration Directive.
Committee on the standardisation and rationalisation of reports on the implementation of certain directives relating to the environment Directive 91/692/EECIIa This Committee is responsible for assisting the Commission in the general administration of the Directive and, in particular, in drawing up questionnaires to be sent to each Member State on water, waste and air issues. These questionnaires form the basis of a sectoral report which each Member State must provide to the Commission every three years. The Committee met once in 1997 to discuss a method of increasing efficiency in the provision of water information by the use of electronic templates for the collection of data.
Committee on adaptation to scientific and technical progress of the directives concerning waste Directive 91/156/EECIIIa This Committee assists the Commission in making amendments to the Waste Framework Directive and other waste legislation in the light of scientific and technical progress. It is generally charged with reviewing technical annexes and provisions and deals with a wide range of waste issues. It met 4 times in 1997, in addition to 3 informal meetings to discuss proposed amendments to the EC Hazardous Waste List. The main items discussed at the meetings were as follows:
—amendments to the EC Hazardous Waste List (as above)
—proposed EC directive on shipment of non hazardous waste to developing countries
—an amendment to Annex V of the Waste Shipments Regulation
—an amendment to the permitted content of mercury in batteries.
Committee for the adaptation to technical and scientific progress of methods of measurement and frequencies of sampling and analysis of surface water intended for the abstraction of drinking water in Member States Directive 79/869/EECIIIa Committee did not meet during 1997.
Committee for the adaptation to technical and scientific progress of fresh waters/fish life Directive 78/659/EEC and 79/923/EECIIIa Committee has never been convened.
Committee on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora. Directive 92/43/EECIIIa Committee covers all aspects of the implementation of Habitats Directive and met twice in 1997. It covered three main areas of work:
—decisions of LIFE Nature funding proposals
—arrangements for Stage II Moderation of Member States Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) proposals
—amendment of Annexes to the directive to accommodate newly acceded Member States (particularly Sweden and Finland).
Committee of the directive concerning control of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions resulting from the storage of petrol and its distribution from terminals to service stations Directive 94/63/EECIIIa Committee is responsible for assisting the Commission in amending the Annexes to the Directive to reflect technical progress. The Annexes define the procedure and equipment required for the implementation of the Directive. The Committee met 5 times in 1997 and its main actions were to:
—propose alternative procedures and equipment specifically for arctic Member States
—propose a new Annex V to define different types of mobile containers
—agree amendments to the wording of Articles 2(e) and (k) on the definition of mobile containers and vessels
—agree amendments to Annex I,4, and Annex III, proposed by industry representatives.
Committee of the regulation concerning the allowing of voluntary participation by companies in the industrial sector in a Community eco management and audit scheme (EMAS) Regulation 1836/93/EECIIIa This Committee generally meets quarterly to oversee the implementation and operational aspects of the EMAS scheme. In 1997 most of the Committee's work involved discussing proposals for the 5 year review of the Regulation.
Committee of the Regulation concerning a Community eco label award scheme Regulation 880/92 EECIIIa Committee generally meets quarterly as it did in 1997 and oversees the procedures for the operation of the ecolabelling scheme and, in particular, determines the technical criteria by which ecolabels may be awarded to products in specific categories.
Committee on adaptation to technical progress of the directive concerning the deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms Directive 90/220/EECIIIa This Committee adapts to technical progress the Directive and also assists the Commission in cases concerning the marketing of GMOs where there is disagreement between Member States. In 1997 the Committee made one amendment to the Directive for adaptation to technical progress, and decided on a number of cases for marketing GMOs. The following actions were taken:
—Amendment of Annex III to take account of the Novel Foods Regulation regarding labelling, requiring the label of the product to indicate that it may contain or consist of GMOs
—Approval of the following 3 products: insect and herbicide maize; herbicide tolerant oilseed rape; and carnation with modified flower colour.
Committee for the adaptation to technical progress on bathing water Directive 76/160/EECIIIa (equiva- lent to) Committee met for the first time in 1996, and met twice in 1997. Activities included:
—methods and arrangements for the receipt of data used in the production of an annual report by the Commission
—establishment of a voluntary code of practice for sample handling
- informal discussions on a revision of the directive.
Committee for the adaptation to technical progress on common procedure for the exchange of information on the quality of surface water in the Community Decision 77/795/EECIIIa Did not meet in 1997.
Committee of the regulation concerning the evaluation and control of the risks of existing substances Regulation 793/93/EECIIIa and IIIb This Committee did not meet during 1997. It is however responsible for:
—drawing up the list of priority substances for which Member States will carry out risk assessments.
—making entries into the official journal on the outcome of risk assessments and recommended risk management strategies.
In effect however voting has only ever taken place on the first of these, and no voting took place in 1997.
Committee for the adaptation to technical progress on urban waste water treatment Directive 91/271/EECIIIb Committee is responsible for tracking progress and implementation of the directive. It prompts and considers the regular reports required to be produced by MSs and it is required to consider any recommendations by the Commission regarding applications for the derogations allowed for in Article 8. In 1997 there were 2 meetings which in addition to the above covered the following:
- agreement to a revision of footnote to Table 2
- looked at details of the required 4 yearly reviews of sensitive and less sensitive areas
- held discussions of data about the outer limits of estuaries
- proposed the setting up of two further groups to look at waste water re-use and standardisation of reporting requirements (not yet in place).
Committee for the adaptation to technical progress on conservation of wild birds Directive 79/409/EECIIIa Committee met once in 1997 and covered the following areas:
—reviewing Member States progress with designating Special Protection Areas (SPAs)
—drawing up action plans for the conservation of individual species
—considered possible management plans for individual species where this is in conflict with human activities or other species
—amending Annex 1 and agreed to remove the species Phalocrocorax carbo sinensis from the list.
Committee for the adaptation to technical and scientific progress of the quality of water intended for human consumption Directive 80/778/EECIIIa Committee has never been convened.
Committee for the adaptation to technical progress on major accidents hazards of certain industrial processes (Seveso I) Directive 82/501/EECIIIa Committee is responsible for adapting this Directive, and the subsequent Directive 96/82/EC Seveso II, to technical progress. It meets twice a year, as a competent authority, to discuss matters related to Seveso I and the implementation of Seveso II. No adaptations to technical progress were made in 1997. A recent example however of the Committee's work was to agree harmonised criteria for derogations from the full requirements to produce a safety report as required under the Seveso II Directive (agreed in April 1998).
Committee on adaptation to technical progress on the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources Directive 91/676/EECIIIb The Committee is a forum for discussion of all aspects of the Directive including problems on its implementation and clarification of the Directive. It is involved in the transposition of the Nitrates Directive into Regulations, designation of vulnerable zones, and producing codes of good agricultural practice. Committee met twice during 1997 where agreement was reached on the need for Monitoring Guidelines under the Nitrates Directive.
Committee of the directive concerning integrated pollution prevention and control Directive 96/61/ECIIIa This Committee is responsible for establishing a European Polluting Emissions Register. During 1997 the Committee only met once and this was informally as each country had officially to nominate its representatives. First formal meeting held in June 1998 where it made progress towards a likely Commission decision by 1999.
Committee adapting to technical progress the Marketing and Use Directive Directive 76/769/EECIIIa This Committee did not meet during 1997.
Committee on the Existing Substances Regulation Regulation 793/93/EECIIIa/IIIb This Committee did not meet in 1997.
Committee on the Energy Labelling of Household Appliances Directive 92/75/EECIIIb This Committee met 3 times in 1997. It discusses and agrees mandatory energy levels for a variety of household products such as refrigerators, washing machines and light bulbs.
Committee adapting to technical and scientific progress the Directives concerning the lead content of petrol Directive 85/201/EECIIIa Committee has never been convened.
Specific Actions for Vigorous Energy Efficiency (SAVE) Committee Decision 96/737/ECIIa This Committee manages the SAVE II energy efficiency programme and provides a useful forum for dialogue between the Commission and Member States on energy efficiency issues. It typically meets about four times a year and in 1997 met five times where its main work was:
—endorsement of a number of proposals by the Commission for studies on specific energy efficiency issues
—received position reports concerning spending and management of the SAVE II Programme, and presentations concerning key projects
—considered (and endorsed in some cases) the Commission's proposed decisions on individual project proposals submitted for funding under the Programme
—considered priorities for activity in 1998
—commented on guidelines to be issued to applicants.

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