Select Committee on European Communities Third Report



Name of CommitteeLegal Basis TypeActivities in 1997
Gross National Product Management Committee (GNPC) Directive 89/130IIb Met three times during 1997; Routinely meets three or four times each year. A number of comitology decisions were made under the framework of the 1989 "Council Directive on the harmonization of gross national product" (for Own Resource purposes). These included technical Decisions towards harmonization of the compilation of Gross National Product data, such as;
The definition of a methodology for the transition between the European System of Accounts 1995 (ESA95) and the ESA79 (Commission Decision of February 1997)
The definition of the treatment of income of Undertakings for Collective Investment (UCIs) (Commission Decision of February 1997)
The timetable for the implementation of changes to the Member States' GNP estimates under the GNP Directive (Commission Decision of September 1997.
Statistical Programme Committee (SPC)Decision 89/382/EEC and various Council regulations IIa/b or IIIaMost comitology decisions on statistics are taken by the SPC which is composed of the Directors-General of the Member States' national statistical offices and is chaired by the Director General of Eurostat, a commission body.
During 1997, nine comitology decisions were made by the SPC. They voted on Commission Regulations which defined the provisions of Council legislation. This included:
—Specifying technical standards to be followed during implementation of Council legislation on statistics; and
—Agreeing detailed definitions.
The Council legal acts in question were measures which required Member States to produce statistics in the area of tourism, consumer prices, earnings, output and costs.
Committee on Statistical Confidentiality Regulation 1588/90/ Euratom, EECIIb Purposes are:
—to ensure that Member States apply the same principles and minimum standards for avoiding disclosure of confidential Community statistical data and
—to decide the conditions governing access for scientific purposes to confidential data held by the Commission.
The Committee met once in 1997 for technical discussions, but took no decisions.

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