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Select Committee on European Communities Third Report




Name of CommitteeLegal Basis TypeActivities in 1997
SOCRATES CommitteeDecisions 819/95 and 576/98 I/ Variation on IIIs concerned mainly with the implementation of the SOCRATES programme and with the annual division of the budget allocation. This year it has been particularly concerned with evaluation of the impact of the SOCRATES programme to date.
LEONARDO CommitteeDecision 819/94 I/ Variation on IIIs concerned with the implementation of the LEONARDO programme and the annual division of the budget allocation
Youth for Europe III CommitteeDecision 818/95 I/ Variation on IIThe Committee considered the distribution of funding between the 5 strands of the programme. The Committee also considered the terms of the Vademecum - or user's guide to the programme.
TEMPUS CommitteeDecisions 246/93 and 663/96 IIbThe Committee met twice to discuss results of the calls for projects, the results of an external evaluation of the programme and the composition of the membership of the Committee.
Fourth Action Programme CommitteeDecision 12350/95 IIbThe Committee oversees the implementation of the Fourth Action Programme. The programme funds trans-national projects in the field of equal opportunities.
Advisory Committee on the General System for mutual recognition of diplomas Directives 49/89 and 51/92I Three meetings discussing: compilation of lists of regulated professions in all Member States, a guide on best practice in respect of administrative formalities of the recognition process and the application of bridging mechanisms between the different levels of education and training under the directives.
Article 15 CommitteeDirective 51/92 IIbThe Commission sought the Committee's opinion of a draft Directive removing three British professions from Annex C of Directive 92/51/EC and rejecting requests from the Danish, German and Dutch Governments.
Essen CommitteeDecision 171/98 I/ Variation on IIThe committee was formed in 1998 to implement Community activities concerning analysis, research and co-operation in employment and the labour market fields.
Advisory Committee on Vocational Training Decision 68/63IMeets biannually to give strategic advice to the Commission on initial drafts of legislation, in the context of vocational training. Set up under the 1963 Principles Decision.

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