Select Committee on European Communities Eleventh Report


Letter of invitation to submit written evidence

  Sub-Committee C (Chairman: the Earl of Cranbrook) is conducting an enquiry into the European Commission's proposals for a new Directive on Incineration of Waste (COM (98) 558 Final, 7 October 1998). The main purposes of the proposal are to extend the scope of the existing Directive 94/67/EC on the incineration of hazardous waste; to impose more stringent controls on municipal waste incinerators than those required by Directives 89/369/EEC and 89/429/EEC (which are concerned only with emissions to air); and to introduce a regime of permits based on uniform emission limits and following the principles of integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC).

  Written evidence is invited on the implications of the proposals for current policy and practice, both in the United Kingdom and in the wider international context, especially in the European Union. The following questions (not intended to be exhaustive) are suggested as a framework, to be used selectively:

  1  What are the key issues raised by the proposals?

  2  Do the proposals fill a significant gap in EC legislation to reduce pollution by incineration of wastes? Is there a comparable gap in UK legislation at present?

  3  Has the case for action at Community level (the subsidiarity principle) been made?

  4  What are the technical and economic implications for the waste management industry and for other users of wastes in combustion plants?

  5  How far will the proposals contribute to EU and UK strategies for sustainable development and sustainable waste management, including energy recovery, the diversion of wastes from landfill and the suitable siting of incineration facilities?

  6  How should they be viewed in the context of relevant international conventions on global and transboundary pollution and sustainable development?

  7  Is there a coherent relationship between these proposals, the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive (96/61/EC) and

  8  How far do the proposals respond to current assessment of the potential risks from incineration to human health and the environment? What effect are they likely to have on public confidence in incineration as a waste disposal process?

  Evidence should not exceed 4000 words (on about 6 sides of A4). The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 10 February 1999. If convenient, they may be sent by e-mail to

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European Communities Committee
House of Lords
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22 January 1999

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