Select Committee on European Communities Twelfth Report


Sub-Committee B (Energy, Industry and Transport)

        The members of the Sub-Committee which conducted this enquiry were:

    L. Berkeley

    L. Brooke of Alverthorpe

    V. Brookeborough

    L. Geddes (Chairman)

    L. Haslam

    L. Howell of Guildford

    L. Methuen

    L. Montague of Oxford

    B. O'Cathain

    L. Paul

    L. Sandberg

    L. Skelmersdale

        The Sub-Committee's Specialist Adviser was Mr David Milborrow.

Members of the Sub-Committee declared the following interests in relation to this enquiry.

V. Brookeborough —  Ownership of land in Fermanagh being considered as a site for a visitor and educational resource centre demonstrating renewable energy sources.

L. Sandberg —  The setting up of a Trust for his children's benefit which has a near 10 per cent shareholding in Synergy Power Group Ltd in Hong Kong, a company specialising in wind turbines.

L. Montague of Oxford —  Membership of the Council for the Protection of Rural England and an Advisor to the Major Users Energy Council.

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